Any person who get the PPC Ad Editor - Ads Project preview link will also get the chance to provide real time collaboration with the Editor or the Ads Project owner. The person may provide constructive feedback and check the quality and accuracy of the ads once they are given a Reviewer rights.

Steps on requesting a Reviewer Authorization for an Ads Project.

  1. Open the shared project preview link.
    A Project preview link usually come from a PPC Ad Editor account owner or a Project owner. A project preview page without an associated account will show up an "Anonymous" name at the upper right corner of the PPC Ad Editor Project preview screen.
  2. Once you get the preview screen, click on "Log in as Reviewer" at the bottom right corner of the page.
  3. Click on the "Send the request" and it will give us the "Access request" window.

4. Fill out the form completely and then click on "Send request".

This will send a request notification to the Editor or the Ads Project owner for them to either accept or reject the request.

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