1. Late Project Submission - Users are now able to submit a project after a challenge deadline has passed. The user can select their project from the challenge page, and the challenge manager can decide whether or not to accept the late project submission.

2. Flexible Pitch Templates - Solver’s can now select or create a custom pitch template for their project. Meaning that you no longer have to follow the exact default template that comes with the creation of your project. You are now able to define your own submission pitch outline.

3. Multiple Pitch Selection Within a Single Project - Not only can you design your own custom submission pitch outline, but you are also now able to add multiple pitches to the same project. Even more freedom around how you would like to layout your project submission!

4. Project completion checker - On your own project detail page’, you are now able to see a green checkmark next to the Pitch, Gallery, and Files sections of your project, indicating that these sections have been completed. All 3 sections must be completed in order to submit a project to a challenge!

5. Trophies Are Now Visible on Your Profile - If a user has ever won a trophy, badge, or medal on the Prepr Network, it will now be displayed publicly on your profile. To do this, visit your profile page and click on the new ‘Trophies’ tab.

6. Import badges - User’s now have the ability to import badges, awards, and trophies from other platforms and courses to display on your Prepr profile.

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