Almost everything that is possible to be checked without lifting and disassembling the vehicle! This includes mechanical functionality of major and minor vehicle components, suspension, HVAC, lights, internal/external electronics, various odors, tires, exterior and interior condition, and much more! 

Inspection features include:

  • Inspection of the brakes, steering, suspension, drive-train and engine performance
  • Body and mechanical review for previous accident and flood damage not disclosed in the vehicle's history report and/or hidden by the seller
  • Fluid levels check, including oil, coolant and transmission
  • Tires check, including tread and balance
  • Road test at multiple speeds to determine the vehicle's responsiveness in different conditions

A PAL Expert® will also scan the vehicle's computer system for error codes, as well as a diagnosis of the engine, transmission, ABS and airbags.

Issues found during a PAL® Inspection will be given estimated repair costs onsite so you can immediately understand the financial impact the vehicle may have after purchase. You can also use this information as leverage during your negotiation with the seller if you decide to move forward with the purchase.

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