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What is Provably Fair system?
What is Provably Fair system?

Basic info about Provably Fair system and its implementation

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When gambling online, one of the most important things, if not the most important one, is trust and transparency. As a way of ensuring this to our users, we have based our game on the Provably Fair system.

Provable fairness is a transparent way of ensuring a fair and clear betting experience in which bet manipulation is not possible. Thanks to this, you can relax and enjoy rolling the dice.

In the Provably fair system, the outcomes are random and pre-determined, with 0 chance of manipulation, and you yourself actually have a complete control over your gambling experience. Furthermore, this system allows you to check on the fairness of your bets at any time, to make sure everything is fine with the bet outcome.

For additional information about how this system works, you may refer to the following page:

To see how this is implemented into our platform, you could find the details here:

Should you have any further questions about this, feel free to reach us out at any time.

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