Need to deduct an expense from the final payout like backline? Need to include a nuanced bonus that our deal builder doesn't specifically support? Need to account for a reimbursement expense or buyout? You can use adjustments to update the artist's final payout.

New! We recently added a Tax Withholdings feature to deduct a specified amount from the artist payout if necessary. Visit our help article to learn more about deducting Tax Withholdings from an artist payout.

How to add an Adjustment to an Offer or Settlement

To add an adjustment go to the Talent tab on an event. 

Click on the three dot menu next to the green Offer/Settlement button, select "Add Adjustment", select bonus (+) or charge (-), name your adjustment (this will be listed in the headliner section on the offer/settlement), enter the Amount, and click Add.

When you generate the offer or settlement after adding the adjustment, you will see that amount either deducted from or added to the final payout at the top of the offer or settlement. 

Notes on Adjustments 

  • To edit an adjustment, click in the white space next to the Offer/Settlement button to expand the payout details, delete the original adjustment by clicking the X next to its name, and then create a new adjustment following the steps listed above.

  • Bear in mind that adjustments will increase/decrease your Talent expenses. If you are using an adjustment as a symbolic measure to manipulate an external settlement, you can balance your internal P&L by adding that adjustment back into the books by using Additional Internal Revenue or External-Only Costs.


  • Let’s say you are doing a $5k Production Buyout on a show because the artist is supplying production. List $5k as an external expense (pictured below) in order to impact the split point on the show. Then add the buyout amount to the artist payout by adding a “bonus” type adjustment to the payout for $5k. This will increase the payout by $5k which will be reflected in your external and internal settlement. In order to not double count the production expense item twice in your internal projections and internal settlement, zero out the Estimated Internal and Actual Internal columns on the Production Cost line item.

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