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Ticketing Integrations

Eventbrite, Etix, DICE, and PreKindle integrations make tracking ticket sales and revenue a hassle-free, automatic process.

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This article contains the following sections:

Ticketing Integration Set Up

To authorize a ticketing integration, go to the icon in the bottom left corner of Prism with your initials, click Settings, and click on the Web Integrations tab. Click connect to integrate a ticketing system and follow the steps below to authenticate each platform.

Note that Prism can be connected to multiple ticketing accounts (for example both Eventbrite and See Tickets) but can only be integrated with one account from each platform.

Eventbrite (EB)

Once you click "Connect" on the Web Integrations tab in Settings, you will be brought to an Eventbrite page asking you to authenticate the integration. Either log in with your Eventbrite account or click "Allow" if you are already signed in.

Important Notes for EB:

  • It is recommended to link tickets prior to the show date for faster load times

  • If a ticket price changes over the course of the on sale, create a new ticket tier in eventbrite instead of editing an existing tier. If an existing tier is edited, the numbers will not display correctly in Prism for settlement.

See Tickets

Follow this article for connecting your See Tickets account to Prism. Add the API Key to the "Token" field in Prism, API Secret to the "API Secret" field, and Client ID to the "Client ID" field.

Important notes for See Tickets:

  • If a facility fee is set in See Tickets, it will display in the Rebate column in Prism and will factor into the event's internal settlement.

  • If a ticket price changes in See Tickets during the course of the on sale, once a ticket is sold at the new price, another tier will be available to sync by clicking "Manage Ticket Sync" on the event and importing the new tier.

  • Currently only one See Tickets organization can be connected to Prism.


  1. First, login to Prekindle to obtain your "x-api-key." This is located on your Prekindle dashboard, under Preferences.

  2. In Prism, go to “Settings”, then “Web Integrations”, then “Connect” next to Prekindle

  3. You will be prompted to enter your "x-api-key," copy and paste that key into the prompt in Prism and click "Save"


Visit this article for everything you need to know about setting up and using the Etix integration.

DICE (Beta)

  1. Log into Dice MIO

  2. Look for "integrations" on the side menu

  3. Click "Generate New Token"

  4. Copy that token to your clipboard and login to Prism

  5. Navigate to your Org Settings > Web integrations

  6. Click "Connect" next to Dice

  7. Paste your token into the window and click "Save"

To have Prism integrated with DICE, please contact

Note: The DICE integration is in Beta. It currently does not support ticket types with multiple promotions applied, so if this is affecting a substantial portion of your shows, please raise the issue to your contact at DICE.

TicketWeb (Beta)

1. Go Settings in Prism and then "Web Integrations"

2. Click "Connect" next to Ticketweb

3. Enter the Token and Organization ID provided by Ticketweb and Save

4. Follow the steps listed below to link ticketing events

Note: Taxes will not pull into Prism through the integration. To account for taxes, use the Tax Field in the Revenue tab.

The TicketWeb integration is currently in Beta. To have Prism integrated with TicketWeb, please contact

Tixr (Beta)

  1. In Tixr, go to the System tab then click Client Partners

  2. Locate the Public Key, and copy this into the "Token" field in Prism through the Web Integrations tab

  3. Locate the "Secret Key," and copy this into this "Secret Key" field in Prism through the Web Integrations tab

Important notes for the Tixr Integration Beta:

  • Taxes and fees will not pull in from Tixr. To remove tax from the ticket sales, use the Tax Field in the Revenue tab in Prism.

  • Any tax or fees added into the Prism Tax, Pre-settlement Fee, or Facility Fee Fields will be deducted from the actual gross to get to the Net Gross. If the actual gross in prism does not include taxes and fees, you'll want to zero out the taxes and fees in Prism.

Linking Prism Events to Ticketing Events

Once you have authorized a ticketing integration, you will have the option to "Link Tickets" on the Revenue tab on any Confirmed event. This will allow you to pull in Sold ticket counts from the ticketing system to Prism. Sold tickets will update from the ticketing integration every few minutes and you can always use the "Refresh Now" button to pull the most up to date ticket counts.

There are a couple options for linking tickets to a ticketing platform (1) map Prism ticket tiers to Ticket platform tiers or (2) create new ticket tiers with ticketing platform tiers.

Map Prism Ticket Tiers to Ticket Platform Tiers

The benefit of this option is that your existing ticket allotment, comps and kills will remain in the ticket table and as tickets sell, the sold ticket numbers will map to the appropriate tier in Prism.

  1. Build the event in the ticketing platform

  2. In Prism, click the "Link Tickets" button on the Revenue tab of the Confirmed event

  3. Choose which platform to link tickets from

  4. Search for the event that you would like to link and select it

  5. Map the ticket tiers from the ticketing system to the ticket tiers in Prism by selecting which tiers to import with the checkboxes and selecting which tiers they should map to in Prism in the "Prism Ticket" column.

  6. Click Save. Prism will then update the tickets sold column as tickets are sold through the ticketing platform!

Create New Ticket Tiers with Ticketing Platform Tiers

  1. Build the event in the ticketing platform

  2. In Prism, click the "Link Tickets" button on the Revenue tab of the Confirmed event

  3. Choose which platform to link tickets from

  4. Search for the event that you would like to link and select it

  5. Select all tiers that you would like to import to Prism and click Save.

Notice that with this method, if the event had existing ticket tiers, they move to the "Other Tickets" section on the event. Either delete those ticket tiers or use the Other Tickets section to track paper tickets or tickets not sold via the ticketing partner.

Troubleshooting Ticketing Integrations

If you find that a ticketing integration is not updating as expected, use the "Refresh Now" button or unlink and relink the event. To unlink the event, click the "Unlink Event" button and then Link the tiers again.

If there are any ticket tiers missing or not updating, click on "Manage Ticket Sync" to confirm the correct tiers are selected to integrate into the ticket table in Prism.

If that does not resolve the issue, check the integration status in Settings > Web Integrations and confirm that the integration is still active. Note that only Prism admins have access to Settings > Web Integrations.

If you are still experiencing issues after these steps, contact

Understanding the Ticket Table

For all ticketing integrations, Prism displays total Tax and Fee calculations and Rebates.

Allotment, Comps, and Est. Sold: These are Prism fields that will contain the data that was originally entered when building the ticket tiers. If Prism ticket tiers were mapped to the ticketing partner tiers during the “Link Tickets” process via the dropdown, the allotment will be the original allotment input into Prism. If tiers were linked to Prism but not mapped, the allotment will be listed as 0.

Sold: Number of sold tickets from the ticketing platform

Gross Ticket Price: The price of the ticket before taxes and fees are deducted. If Tax is “on top” in the ticketing platform, this field will be the base ticket price plus taxes and fees.

Actual Gross: Sold * Gross Ticket Price

Tax Passed to Customers: Total tax, calculated by ticketing platform, that is added on to the base ticket price. In Prism this amount will be deducted from the Gross Ticket Price at settlement. This column will be hidden if there is no Tax Passed to Customers for any ticket tier.

Tax Backed out: Total tax based on the tax rate set in Prism on the Revenue tab when a tax rate is not set in the ticketing platform. This amount will be deducted from the Gross Ticket Price at settlement.

Ticket Fees: Total fees calculated based on Prism’s Pre-settlement fees and facility fee on the Revenue tab. Prism does not pull any fees into this field from the ticketing partner.

Net Gross: Gross Ticket Price - Taxes and Fees

Rebate: Rebate amount from ticketing system that will be automatically added as additional internal revenue on the internal settlement for the event and contribute to the Internal Net Profit on the event. Read more on rebates here.

Other Notes on Ticketing Integrations

  • It is recommended to track Online Sales and Day of Show tickets as separate tiers in Prism to avoid any issues with accounting for fees in Prism.

If you have any questions, contact!

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