Ticketing Integration Set Up

To authorize a ticketing integration, go to the icon in the bottom left corner of Prism with your initials, click Settings, and click on the Web Integrations tab. Click connect to integrate a ticketing system and follow the steps below to authenticate each platform.

Note that Prism can be connected to multiple ticketing accounts (for example both Eventbrite and See Tickets) but can only be integrated with one account from each platform.

Eventbrite (EB)

Once you click "Connect" on the Web Integrations tab in Settings, you will be brought to an Eventbrite page asking you to authenticate the integration. Either log in with your Eventbrite account or click "Allow" if you are already signed in.

See Tickets

Once you click "Connect" on the Web Integrations tab in Settings, you will be brought to an See Tickets page asking you to authenticate the integration. Log in with your See Tickets account and follow the prompt to allow the integration.


  1. First, login to Prekindle to obtain your "x-api-key." This is located on your Prekindle dashboard, under Preferences.

  2. In Prism, go to “Settings”, then “Web Integrations”, then “Connect” next to PreKindle

  3. You will be prompted to enter your "x-api-key," copy and paste that key into the prompt in Prism and click "Save"

Linking Prism Events to Ticketing Events

Once you have authorized a ticketing integration, you will have the option to "Link Tickets" on the Revenue tab on any Confirmed events. This will allow you to pull in Sold ticket counts from the ticketing system to Prism. Sold tickets will update from the ticketing integration every few minutes and you can always use the "Refresh Now" button to pull the most up to date ticket counts.

Link a Prism Event to a Ticketing Event

  1. Build the event in the ticketing platform

  2. In Prism, click the blue "Link Tickets" button on the Revenue tab of the Confirmed event

  3. Choose which platform to link tickets from

  4. Search for the event that you would like to link and select

  5. Map the ticket tiers from the ticketing system to the ticket tiers in Prism by selecting which tiers to import with the checkboxes and selecting which tiers they should map to in Prism.

  6. Prism will then update the tickets sold column as tickets are sold through the ticketing platform!

Note: It is recommended to track Online Sales and Day of Show tickets as separate tiers in Prism to avoid any issues with accounting for fees in Prism.

Troubleshooting Ticketing Integrations

If you find that a ticketing integration is not updating as expected, unlink and relink the event. To unlink the event, click the three dot menu next to the "Refresh Now" button and select "Unlink Event." If that does not resolve the issue, disconnect the integration in Settings and reauthenticate following the corresponding steps above. To disconnect an integration, go to Settings > Web Integrations. When the integration is reconnected, all previously connected shows will sync back up.

If you have any questions, contact support@prism.fm!

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