Overview of Webhooks and Zapier

A Webhook is a custom way for an application to deliver real-time information to other platforms. Prism has the capability to integrate with hundreds of other platforms via Webhooks, which you can install yourself at any time. 

Apps like Zapier allow you to build out if/then statements based on updates in Prism to trigger an action in another application. For example, you might create a trigger in Zapier to say if an Event in Prism is confirmed, then send a slack message to my team.

Below is a list of Data points that can be sent from Prism to another application:

  • Event name, dates, location, and status

  • Ticket name, price, allotment, and ID

  • Run of Show items

  • Announce, on-sale, pre-sale dates

  • Talent information

How to Create/Install a Webhook

  1. Go to Zapier.com

  2. Click on "Make a Zap"

  3. Use Built-In Web Hook app

  4. Select "Catch a Hook"

  5. Copy the hook URL

  6. Add a Webhook in Prism on the Settings > Web Integrations page. You will then name your webhook, select a trigger action (Event Added, Updated, or Deleted), and then paste the URL

  7. Click on "Test" in Prism to establish a connectionIf Zapier returns some test event data, it worked!

  8. Now that the trigger has been built, let's add an Action step and connect it to your desired app

  9. Fill out the fields on the following pages to set up the Zap to your specifications

  10. Once completed, you can test the webhook before activating your Zap!

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