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Using Tasks in Prism
Using Tasks in Prism

Learn more about using tasks, including them on templates, and setting relative due dates.

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Use tasks in Prism to stay on top of what needs to happen on your shows. You can create an assign tasks to team members to let them know what's next.

Task Templates

Task templates give you the ability to create a group of standard tasks to easily apply to any show. For example, if your marketing team needs to do the same 3 tasks before every show, add those tasks to a template and assign them every time a show confirms. 

Create a Task Template

  1. Go to the icon with your initials in the bottom left corner of Prism and click Settings

  2. Click the Templates tab and click Task Templates

  3. Click "New Task Template Group" and edit the New Task Template Group name by double clicking on the name.

  4. Use the Pencil button to add tasks to the group

  5. Click "New Task Item"

  6. Add a task name, description, due date, and assignee. Note that the assignee must be an existing user in Prism. Learn more about due dates in the section below. 

  7. Add as many tasks as you like to your template.

Using Relative Due Dates

With relative due dates you can create task templates that depend on other dates including on-sale, announce, confirmation date, and event date. 

Note: Due dates that depend on dates that don't exist will be skipped. For example, if you have a task that is set for "1 week after on-sale" but at the time you apply the template the event does not have a on-sale date set - the due date for that task will not be set. 

Add a Task Template to an Event Template

If you would like to add a task group at the same time as you apply your Event Template, you can add a task group to your event templates. This will apply the tasks as soon as you start building your event with a template. 

Go to Event Templates in Settings, edit an Event Template, expand the task templates section, and "Apply a task group to this event template."

Task Management

Add a Task to an Event

Tasks are listed on the Deals tab on the event in the bottom right corner. To add a new task, click "Add a task" and click the pencil button to add task details including task name, description, due date, and assignee. 

Add a Task Template to an Event

Let's say you would like to add a task group to an already existing event. To apply a task template to an event, go to the event page, click the three dot menu in the top right corner, hover over Event Templates, select Apply a Task Template, select a template from the pop up, and click import tasks. 

Remember that if your task templates have relative due dates that depend on announce, on-sale, or pre-sale dates, you will want to add those dates on the event in the Event Settings before applying the task template so that the relative dates are calculated.

View your Tasks

Click the checkbox icon on the left hand sidebar of Prism to see all tasks on all events in Prism. Use the filters at the top of the page to filter for tasks assigned to particular users and sort by due date to see what's up next.

Task Notifications

You have the ability to set up weekly or daily email notifications for tasks that have been assigned to you. To update your task notification preferences:

  1. Go to the icon with your initials in the bottom left corner of Prism and click Settings

  2. Click the notifications tab

  3. Update your task Preferences for Task Summary Email Frequency and click Save

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