There are two ways to confirm a hold: within event pages and from the calendar. When a show is confirmed, you also have the ability to send out an email notification to select Prism users that the show has been confirmed.

Confirming from the Event Page

Tip: Use this method for confirming an event for more than one day.

  1. In the top right-hand corner, select the "Confirmed" status to confirm the hold.

  2. On the next screen, select the relevant date or dates for the event.

  3. Click on "Confirm Show." And boom, you're done!

  4. If you ever need to unconfirm the show, simply select "Hold" in that same dropdown and your holds will be restored on the calendar.

Confirming From the Calendar

  1. Click on the hold for the day that you would like to confirm. (Note that if you would like to confirm multiple days, use the method described above and select multiple dates.)

  2. Click on the purple "Confirm Hold" button.

  3. You will be given the options to 1) "Send Confirmation email" which will send an email notification that the hold has been confirmed for the specified date to the users listed and 2) "Check to clear all relevant holds on this day" which will clear all other holds for that stage on that day if selected.

  4. Select "Confirm."

Confirmed Show Notifications

You also can have the option to send a notification email to a list of users if the organization level setting is enabled. To activate confirmation notification emails for your account, visit Settings > Notifications > Notifications Preferences. Then on the Team page (Settings > Permissions > Team) check the "Send Confirmation Email" for any users that should receive the email by default.

Confirmation emails contain a link to the show and information about show date and location.

If you are looking for ways to create a Confirmation sheet, check out our article on Advancing in Prism.

Notable changes when a show is confirmed:

  • The Internal budget summary will change from showing Potential numbers to Actuals

  • The External budget summary will change from showing Budgeted numbers to Reported numbers

  • You'll now have access to an Internal Settlement tab

  • The stage and dates are not editable on a Confirmed event. To edit the stage or dates, unconfirm the show and then select Manage Holds. 

  • The ability to link tickets to your ticketing vendor will appear on the Revenue tab. 

  • The ability to preview the show's settlement document will appear within the Talent tab. 

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