Add Users to your Account

Users can be added to your account via the Settings:

  1. Navigate to Settings by clicking the icon with your initials in the bottom left corner of Prism.

  2. Select the "Permissions" tab

  3. Select "Team" from the dropdown

  4. Click the "Add User" button

  5. Complete the required fields (First & Last Name, E-mail Address, and Job)

  6. Under Global & Venue Permissions determine which level of access you would like to grant the user. Here you have the option to assign a Global Role to a user meaning that they will have access to all venues and stages with the permissions dictated by the role or you can Add Venue Access to select access to a specific venue and assign a Role. For more information on Roles and managing access visit this page

  7. Select Save. The user will receive an email with the subject line "Welcome to Prism.FM" to the email listed asking them to set up their password. The user may need to check their spam folder if they did not receive the email.


If a user has not received an email prompting them to create a password and they have checked their spam, they should go to They can click "Forgot/Reset Password" below the Login button and enter in the email address used for their account. When they enter their email address and click "Send reset password link" Prism will send a new link to reset their password to their email.

If you have any questions, contact!

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