How to find Event Settings

If you click on the 3-dot menu in the top right of the event page, you'll be able to access Event Settings. Event Settings includes Offer Logo, Currency, Target Dates (Holds only), and Additional Dates in the Event Settings.

Permissions Note: Only Event Creators, Admins, and users with access to "Confirm Event" have access to edit Event Settings.

Delete an Event

If you have access to "Delete Events" in your Role or are an admin, you will be able to delete events from the three dot menu in the top right corner of any event.

Event Settings Defaults

The Offer Header Logo and Currency will be automatically filled in based on the selected Venue's default settings. If you would like to update any of these fields for a specific event, simply update the information on the Event Settings tab. 

On a Rental event, you will have the additional ability to update the renter in the Event Settings tab, if needed:

If the default Tax Rate, Facility Fee, Offer Header Logo, or Currency need to be updated for a venue, go to Organization Settings by clicking on the icon with your initials in the bottom left corner of Prism and then clicking Settings. You can update the venue defaults using the pencil button next to the venue. Note that any changes to venue data will only affect future events related to that venue and will not retroactively change data related to existing events. For more information on Venue set up, check out this article.

Target Dates

On events that are in the Hold Status, you have the ability to update the target date. Select a Target Date by clicking on the date to highlight it in green.

When an event has a single target date, the header of the offer will display the date and all other holds will be listed in the Holds section of the offer. If the event has multiple target dates, it will display the words "Multiple Dates" in the header. If no target date is selected, the header will say "Mutually Agreeable."

Additional Dates

Track important marketing dates (such as Announce, Pre-Sale, and On-Sale) related to this event by updating the Additional Dates section. These will appear on the calendar to all users, though they can be filtered on/off from the calendar filter in the top right.

Prism also gives you the ability to add "Custom" additional dates. This is a perfect place to jot down additional Pre-Sales including their Presale code (e.g, Spotify Pre-sale, "AMEX Presale: DRAMA" ) or even to add quick notes to the calendar (e.g., "Artist In-Store").

These dates can also be used as relative due dates for task assignments, as well. For more information about using relative due dates with tasks, visit this article

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