Prism makes it super easy to generate offers in a matter of clicks - here's everything you need to know to learn how!

In short, offers are generated based on the information entered into the Talent, Revenue, Costs, Contacts, and Event Settings sections. Event templates make this process possible in matter of seconds, but remember that you can always make changes to your event/offer once a template is applied. Whenever you're ready to preview your offer document, click on the green "Offer" preview button on the Deals Tab:

Generate a Simple Offer

When dealing with flat deals or support offers, it often makes sense to exclude expenses and P&L calculations from your sheet. To generate a "Simple" version of the offer that removes the expenses details and the "show summary", click on the three-dot menu next to the green "Offer" button, then go to "Offers, then "Preview (Simple)".

Want to remove the ticketing section on your sheet? Just remove all the tickets on the revenue tab and they will be excluded from the document. You can always save a version of this offer to Files (see below) so you can track ticket sales in Prism without losing your ticket-less version of the offer.

Edit an Offer

To update to any of the artist deal terms on an offer, go to the Deals tab and click the three dot menu next to the offer button and select Edit. Ticket Scaling can be updated on the Revenue tab and Expenses can be updated on the Costs tab.

Update Deal Terms

Deal terms are a great way to display all of the softer terms, conditions, and details remaining on your offer sheet. Typical examples include age restrictions, radius clauses, and merch splits. To learn more about updating and adding deal terms visit this article. Once you have made edits to the Deal Terms, click Save and then click Save again to save your deal.

Save a Copy/Version of the Offer

Finally have everything ready to send out? Wanna save a version of the offer so you can make changes and compare a second one side-by-side? In the three-dot menu next to the green "Offer" button, there will be a "Save Version" option under "Offers." Clicking there will let you save a PDF file of the offer in its current state directly to the files tab of the event.

In the case where you would like to compare multiple versions of an offer, consider using the new Duplicate event functionality! When duplicating an event, Prism will copy all event details into a new event, which will allow you to make changes to the copied offer to be saved in a separate event. Generate the copied version of the offer with your changes and compare it to your original event/offer.

Send Offer

When you are ready to send the offer, click the green Offer button to preview the offer or click the three dot menu and hover over "Offer" and Download the offer to send it in email.

You also have the option to "Send Offer" to a contact without ever leaving Prism. Select "Send Offer" from the three dot menu and update the Subject and Message to customize your email. Select contacts to send the Offer to and you will automatically be cc'ed on the email from Prism. The PDF of your offer will be attached automatically to the email. Finally, attach files from the Prism event to the email.

To change the logo, go to the Event Settings tab and click on the "Offer Header Logo." If the desired logo is not available in the dropdown, go to the icon with your initials in the bottom left corner of Prism > Settings > Add Logo and upload a new logo.

Your account, as well as each individual venue, can have a default logo applied to all events. To manage these defaults, go to the icon with your initials in the bottom left corner of Prism, click on Settings, then scroll down to "Logo Graphics" or "Venue Settings."

You may also update the Tax Rate and Facility Fee in the Event Settings.

What can be modified on the offer sheet?

Here is a quick list of all the items that can be hidden or shown on the offer sheet. Note that all of these settings affect all offers in the account and must be turned on/off by a CSM at Prism.

  • Format:

    • Venue and Stage name in the header

    • Location/Address for venue in the header

    • Deal Terms can be moved to the top of the offer

  • Numbers:

    • Net Profit (Promoter) in the Event Summary (formerly known as Net Potential)

    • Cost per item in Expenses section

    • Comps in Ticket Scaling section

    • Kills in Ticket Scaling section

    • Breakeven in Ticket Scaling section

  • Sections:

    • Expenses section

    • Variable Expenses section if there are no line items

    • Ticket scaling on simple offer and settlement (can also be turned on/off for advance document)

    • Remove Holds section

  • Label:

    • "Headliner Offer" or "Support Offer" can be hidden on the top section header, and the word "Deal" can be shown instead

If you would like any of these settings updated, please reach out to your Client Success Manager or contact

For more information on the offer calculations and figures, visit this Glossary.

If you have any questions, contact!

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