August 11, 2022

  • The Agency Artist Invoice/Receipt now includes the Venue Name

  • The Agency itinerary will no longer show the Event Name on the PDF and can now optionally include the Venue City and State

  • The Venue City and State will now appear in the dropdown when creating a hold or searching the Event List

  • The Venue City and State are now available as columns in the P&L report, Deal Tracker, Payments. You can now easily search and Sort by City and State in reports!

August 4, 2022

  • In Prism Agency, the Balance table will now display "Total Collected by Agency" including Deposits and Settlement payments instead of "Deposit Collected by Agency."

  • Pre-settlement fees can now be calculated as a "% of Adjusted Gross," in addition to the existing types you've come to know and love

  • When copying holds, the text will now include venue name, location, months, days of the week and stage names if applicable

August 1, 2022

  • You now have the option to display the Venue City on the calendar using the "View Settings" button on the calendar.

  • In Agency accounts, invoices will now default to being marked as "Upcoming" instead of "Paid."

July 25, 2022

  • You can now search by City or State in the Venue list in Org Settings and in the Contact Book.

  • In Agency accounts, the Manager, Agent(s), and Contract Signer contacts will automatically be added to the contacts tab of any event created for a Client Artist.

July 7, 2022

  • In Reports and the Event List, the search bar now searches Event Name, Headliner Artist, Support Artists, and Promoter Name from the Promoter field on Rental events in Venue/Promoter accounts and Agency accounts

  • The Payments Tracker section of Reports now displays Deal Status and Deal Last Updated columns if your account has Deal Tracker enabled

  • Announce Times are now appearing on the calendar view again

  • In Agency accounts, the Legalese section is now called "Deal Terms"

June 29, 2022

  • You can now color code your calendar view by Event Status instead of Stage via the "View Settings" button!

    • Choose "Event Status" to see all Holds in light green, Confirmed shows in green, In Settlement shows in light blue, and Settled shows in blue.

Color coded by Event Status

Color coded by Stage

  • Contact Roles have been given their own tab in the Global Contact Book!

    • Manage your Contact Roles (previously 'position(s)' on your contact records) in a new, dedicated Roles tab.

    • Duplicate 'positions' have been consolidated into one Role to keep your Contacts clean and consistent across your Prism events.

    • Assign multiple roles to a single Contact, and choose whether to show or hide a specific role from your Prism documents

June 24, 2022

  • New options are available for customizing the calendar view! Click the "View Settings" button to check them out.

    • Choose the Primary and Secondary text to see on the calendar

      • Promoters: Try setting your Primary Text to the Event Name and the Secondary Text to the Venue & Stage Name

      • Agents: Try setting your Primary Text to the Headliner Name, the Secondary Text to the Venue & Stage Name, and including the Headliner badges

June 15, 2022

  • Agency clients can now generate "Simple Contracts" that only display the artist payout, ticket scaling, contacts, and legalese. You also have the ability to hide ticket scaling on simple contracts account wide, if you would like this setting turned on, contact

  • You can now preview Offers, Contracts (agency only), or Settlements directly from the Deal Tracker

June 13, 2022

  • Our engineers are the absolute coolest and they whipped up some awesome calendar view settings for you to play with. Check out this article for a full rundown of all the fun you can have!

    • Change the day of the week the calendar starts on, choose either Monday or Sunday

    • Display the venue and stage on the calendar

    • Update the color theme

  • You can now add flat deposits on Door Deals.

  • We've add a new Org Setting allowing you to determine whether or not you'd like costs to copy over when you switch a Hold to a Confirmed show. Currently, the costs in the "Offer Budget" column copy over to the "Settlement" column, and the costs in the "Estimated Internal" column to copy over to the "Actual Internal" column when a show is confirmed. You can now change that setting so your "Settlement" and "Actual Internal" column are set to $0 upon confirmation.

Bug fixes

  • We've released a fix that allows you to edit contacts from within an Event Template

May 26, 2022

Bug fixes

  • We've released a SeeTickets integration fix for shows with tax on top where the tax is not removed from the gross and can be calculated correctly in Prism

  • We've released an ETix integration fix for shows where prices change on a ticket tier. Price changes will show up as new tiers in the list of tickets that can be synced to Prism. If price changes are made after a show is linked, you can "Manage Ticket Sync" by clicking on the three dot menu next to the "Refresh now" button in the Revenue tab. The change also adds @(price) next to the tier name text so you can easily see the price difference between other tiers with the same name.

  • Learn more about Ticketing Integrations here.

May 24, 2022

  • Our Breakeven calculation now includes adjustments! Check out our Prism Breakeven 101 article for more details

  • You can now enter run of show items with a duration but no start time (for example, if you know the set length is 90 minutes but you don't necessarily know the exact show time)

  • Venues are now searchable from the top of an event page! If you ever need to switch the venue or stage you can move more quickly by typing out the venue name

  • We made some updates throughout Prism and documents to ensure that currencies with the same symbol are labeled more clearly. For example, everywhere CAD is displayed, it displays like “CA$”

    Some other examples:

    ARS (Argentina) ARS

    MXN (Mexico) MX$

    NZD (New Zealand) is NZ$

  • On Ticketed Rental settlement documents, we've updated the “Total Remaining Payout” to read:

    • “Venue Owes Renter” = If Promoter cut + adjustments + deposit is greater than or equal to 0

    • “Renter owes Venue” = if Promoter cut + adjustments + deposit is less than or equal to 0 “Renter owes Venue”

  • We updated the layout of the ticket table on events that are linked to a ticketing platform, check out the details here.

May 2, 2022

Bug fixes

  • We fixed a bug on rental events where the Renter information was populating on the Venue's side of the signature lines.

April 27, 2022

  • Promoter emails and phone numbers now display on itineraries in our agency platform! You can still use telepathic communication to reach them, but picking up the phone might be better suited to your busy lifestyle.

  • We've added a bunch of new fields to the "Show Events" list column picker that you can now include in reports:

    • Event Owner - The Prism user who created the event

    • Event Status - The status of the event (Hold, Confirmed, etc.)

    • Days of Week - Range of days for the event (Mon, Tue, Wed, etc.)

    • Event Created Date - Date and time the event was created

    • Event Last Updated - Day and time the event was updated in Prism

    • Total Gross Revenue (Estimate) - Estimated total gross ticket revenue and estimated additional internal revenue

    • Show Expenses (Estimate) - Estimated total fixed and variable offer budget expenses plus promoter profit, excluding guarantees and talent bonuses

    • Show Expenses (Actual) - Actual total fixed and variable offer budget expenses plus promoter profit, excluding guarantees and talent bonuses

    • Genre - A list of genres of the headliner artist generated by Spotify

Examples: Find out who created past events at a glance using the "Event Owner" field, or filter down to see which holds were added to the calendar within a certain time frame using the "Created Date" field via the Payments section (if Silver or above)

March 16, 2022

  • You can now "jump" to an event from anywhere in the app by pressing Command + K (Mac) or CTRL + K (Windows)! It's also available in the Prism left sidebar above the Knowledge Base shortcut.

  • You can now search by event name in the reporting section of Prism!

  • We've updated the Payments table in the reporting section so you're able to sort the "Event Date(s)" and "Paid Date" column header by Ascending or Descending to scan through upcoming payments chronologically

  • On rental events, we've made the following updates:

    • "Total Room Fee" now displays as a line item in the Expenses section of the internal settlement

    • "Promoter Payment" now displays as a line item in the Summary section of the internal settlement

March 7, 2022

  • We've updated the Internal Breakeven calculation so it now factors in flat Additional Internal Revenue to the Ticket Average tier

  • We've replaced "Artist Walkout Potential" and "Artist Walkout Remaining" to "Total Potential Payout" and "Total Remaining Payout" on offers

  • We've updated the "Fixed Expenses + Artist Bonus" field on the Expenses breakdown on documents to say "Fixed Expenses + Artist Payout" to avoid any confusion for deals that do not have bonuses (e.g. Flat)

Bug fixes

  • We fixed an issue where Net Price and Per Ticket fees were not calculating for tier with zero allotment (e.g. DOS)

  • We fixed an issue where "Modify Terms" was throwing an error for settlements

  • We fixed an issue where "Age Limit" wasn't appearing on the Artist Itinerary

February 28, 2022

  • Changes to offers, settlements, and contracts that will better align with industry standards are now live in Prism! The main highlights are below but click here for detail on everything that changed.

    • The Headliner Offer section has been reformatted to provide clearer information

    • Some terminology has changed in the Event Summary section and throughout the app for a more fine-grained understanding of the financials (see full glossary here)

    • Some sections, as well as elements within sections, have been reordered to highlight higher priority information

    • “Per Ticket Fees” and “Net Price” are broken out in the ticket scaling table on documents if there are any

    • You now have more options for customizing your documents. See full list of all settings you can show/hide for your organization at the bottom of this article.

  • Ability to optionally include Age Limit on offers. On the Talent tab, we added a toggle to the Age Limit to hide Age Limit from Offers and Contracts. If the toggle is on, the Age Limit will appear On Offers, Contracts, and Advance documents, if it is Off it will not. Note that for existing events that were All Ages events, turn on the toggle for “All Ages” to appear on the offer.

  • More flexible Adjustments

    • For Venues/Promoters: We are adding functionality to the adjustments feature to allow the option to include an adjustment in the Split Point and the option to make the adjustment external-only, which will be helpful for things like buyouts. Read more on adjustments here.

      • NOTE: Any existing adjustment that was built as a bonus or charge before this release will increase or decrease both the external payout on the external settlement PDF and internal payout in the internal settlement. You may choose to update existing adjustments and events using the new functionality but rest assured that no calculations will change on your events that you made before February 2022.

    • For Agents: We updated our adjustments feature to allow you to more easily adjust an Artist payout at settlement to affect commission payouts. Previously, adding an adjustment for things like flat bonuses would not impact the final payout number and not be factored into commission but we have added an “Affects Artist Earnings” toggle to resolve that! Check out this article to learn more about using adjustments for buyouts, bonuses, and deductions and for adjusting payouts.

  • Ability to include multiple retroactive bonuses

    • We’ve added the ability to add multiple retroactive bonuses to any Door, Plus, or Versus deals in the deal builder!

    • Offers and Settlements will now highlight retro bonus terms and final bonus amounts more clearly

  • As requested, retro bonuses will more intuitively calculate at instead of after the chosen % sell through or # of tickets sold. This means you can now enter “100% sell through” for bonuses that are intended to kick in at sellout (as opposed to 99%, previously), or “at 500 tickets sold” instead of "after 499 tickets sold."

    • NOTES:

      • For events created before this release, the behavior of bonuses that were triggered “after” a % sell through and/or tickets sold will be preserved.

      • For events created after this release, bonuses will kick in at the entered % Sell through or # of Tickets Sold

      • In Event Templates, admins can delete previous bonuses set to take effect “after” the entered percentages and ticket numbers and re-create them to use the new "at" behavior

  • Completely redesigned Run of Show is now available optionally on offers. Read more about the redesigned Run of Show here.

February 2, 2022

  • You now have a few more options on your offer and settlement documents (reach out to your Client Success Manager or send an email to if you'd like any of the following updated for your account):

    • Ability to hide Variable Expenses on your offers if there are none (NOTE: if there are some that total to 0, the section will still be visible)

    • Ability to hide Kills column from ticket scaling tables

    • Ability to hide the ticket scaling section from simple pdfs

  • We switched the order of hard and soft merch so it’s now soft first, hard second

January 11, 2022

  • You can now reorder costs from within the costs table from within an event - go wild!

  • Tours can now be created with non-USD currency. Tours will use the default currency of the venue from the first event added to the Tour.

  • There is now a new permission toggle for “Edit Rental Deal” which determines whether or not a user can see the “Promoter” tab on rental events. This allows for more control when it comes to granting access to financials.

  • On the Agency platform, you can now customize columns for the artist itinerary so you have further control over what shows up in the table and on the PDF. In the screenshot below you'll see the column picker on the right with checkboxes allowing you to show/hide deal info, ticket details, etc. depending on your needs:

  • We’ve made some updates to the “Taxes & Fees” that will provide more detail in various sections of Prism (internal settlement, documents, budget summary). You’ll now be able to see an amount and type for facility fees and event fees ($2.00 per ticket sold). In the screenshot below you'll see how it looks on the internal settlement:

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed an issue affecting the ability to add contacts on mobile

  • We fixed an issue affecting the ability to add a venue on mobile

  • We fixed an issue where deposits weren’t saving if the “Days” field was left blank

  • We fixed an issue where users with venue-level “View Contacts” and “Edit Contacts” permissions could not add contacts

  • We fixed an issue affecting files permissions on our agency platform - now non-admin users will see, or not see, files based on their assigned roles

  • We fixed an issue where users with venue-level permissions were not able to delete ticket tiers on templates

December 14, 2021

  • Merch Rate and Age Limit now pull into the offer!

December 1, 2021

  • Merch Rate and Age Limit are now editable fields that will pull into the advance

  • Event type name change from “Outside Promoter” to “Rental”

  • Ability to edit promoter name in event settings

  • Ability to search venue picker when creating an Event

  • Deal one-liner now pulls into the reports and the column picker is searchable

See more detail below

Merch Rate and Age Limit are now editable fields that will pull into your advance

Merch Rate and Age Limit are now editable fields in the deal builder and on the talent tab. They will only feed into the advance tab and advance document currently, with plans to include on offers in the future. Both of them can be added to your templates!

Merch Rate

In the deal builder there is now a “Merchandising” option which can be toggled on to specify merch rate (hard and soft), as well as the seller (artist or venue). If the toggle is kept off (which is the default), Merch will not appear on the advance.

Age Limit

In the Talent tab there is now a new section called “Event Details” which includes the option to set an “Age Limit”. If the Age Limit field is left completely blank (which is the default), the advance will display “Age Limit: All Ages”.

Name change from “Outside Promoter” to “Rental”

New month. New name. “Outside Promoter” has been renamed to “Rental” on the hold builder and event templates.



Ability to edit promoter name in event settings

You heard right! You now have the ability to edit what was previously the "Promoter Name" and is now the "Renter" in your event settings on a Rental Event.

Ability to search venue picker when creating an Event

Start typing in the venue picker and Prism will filter down the venues and stages available. Selecting a venue will automatically include all relevant stages at that venue, but selecting a specific stage will keep only the specific stage. The “Create Venue” option now has the same look and feel as the “Create Contact” option.

Deal one-liner now appears in reports and the column picker is searchable

The title says it all! You can get a quick view of your headliner deals from the event list in reports, and if you already know what you're looking for, you can now search through the column options instead of scrolling through the list.

November 10, 2021

  • Add artist at event creation

  • Add a specific due date for deposits

  • Mark date paid on deposits in Payments Tracker

  • Only require "Name" in order to save a contact

Add artist at event creation

The "Artist Name" field is now available from the moment you create a hold or confirmed event!

Start typing in the artist's name and make a selection via the Spotify integration. (If the artist is not on Spotify, type in their name and select the "Not in Spotify" option at the bottom of the dropdown list). The Artist Name will auto-populate the Event Name field and will automatically pull into the talent tab on the event. You can edit the Event Name as needed.

Add a specific due date for deposits

You can now add a specific deposit due date in the deal builder (e.g. Nov 3, 2021)! This will come in handy if you need more flexibility beyond adding a due date relative to the event date (e.g. 7 days before event).

Simply select the "Specific" Due Date for the deposit in your deal builder, confirm your selection, and choose a date from the picker. The option to select a "Relative" Due Date for the deposit and enter the number of Days before the event will remain the default option.

Note: The "Specific" selection means Prism won't automatically update the date if the event date changes, so the deposit due date will require manual updating in this case.

Deal Type 
O Flat 
$ 5000 
Deposit Type 
C) Door Deal 
Amount (SOLO) 
Internal Settlement 
Run of Show 
November 2021 
Due Date 
Nov 3, 2021 
Add deposit

Mark date paid on deposits in Payments Tracker

Clients on Silver, Gold, and Platinum subscriptions with access to our Payments feature will now be able to enter a “Paid Date” for deposits alongside any pertinent notes! The venue name and event date are now also available in your payment report.

Only require "Name" in order to save a contact

For a moment there "Name" and "Email" were required fields in the new contact form. Now you can add a contact quickly with just the "Name" field populated and come back to add more details another time.

October 14, 2021

Estimates Added to Reports & Internal Settlements (v2) - Hold vs Confirmed

You can now compare and export your internal estimates on an event to the sellout potential on an event that's still a Hold!

When an event is unconfirmed (hold)

The toggle labels will show Estimated and Potential on the Internal Settlement tab. Estimated numbers are calculated off of Internal Estimated costs and Estimated Sales, while Potential is based off of Internal Estimated costs and maximum Sellable tickets.

When an event is confirmed

The toggle labels will show Estimated and Actual on the Internal Settlement tab. Estimated is still calculated off of Internal Estimated numbers and the Actual toggle is based on Actual Internal costs and Sold tickets.

September 6, 2021

Track Withholdings Directly within Prism

Need to account for state or federal tax withholdings on your offers or settlements? Say good-bye to manually tracking these deductions with Adjustments. Now, whenever you create/edit an artist deal, you can activate this toggle to add a withholding percentage, with a minimum threshold and due date, to your external documents.

Click here to learn more about this new feature!

Duplicate Events with a Few Clicks

Sometimes, it’s all about the little things… Instead of using Event Templates to copy over events, you can just click on this button to clone events for a new date!

Here’s a link to an FAQ article with more information!

Estimates Added to Reports & Internal Settlements (v1)

Now, both on the P&L Reports page, as well as any event’s Internal Settlement page, you can flip between all of your Estimated and Actual figures (previously was only Actual). We’ll be updating this feature again during our next cycle.

Delete Contacts from the Contacts Dashboard

Accidentally add a duplicate contact? Fret no more, as you can now delete contacts from your Contacts dashboard (note that this will also delete any association that person has had with events).

August 17, 2021

Announce Date & Estimated Net Profit Added to Reports

You can now add Announce Date & Estimated Net Profit as custom columns to any report! Simply go to Reports, select your filters on the right, and then click on "Show Events."

Then, click on "Columns" and look for Announce Date and/or Estimated Net Profit. These values will pull from the Event Settings page and the Revenue/Cost pages respectively.

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed an issue affecting the ability to link past events to ticketing integrations

July 28, 2021

Email Offers/Settlements Directly from Prism

Now you can send out documents directly from Prism without leaving the page! In the menu next to the green preview button, you'll find a "Send Offer/Settlement" button.

Once you click on that, you'll have the ability to draft and email this document to contacts of your choosing, as well as add additional files to your note. You'll be automatically added on CC and whatever file you sent will be automatically added to the Files tab. Read more about offers here.

Bug Fixes

  • We also fixed an issue affecting Task emails from sending out. You can configure the cadence of your Task email notifications by going to Settings > Notifications.

  • We fixed an issue where the font and spacing was off for Deal Terms.

  • We fixed an issue where the calendar display was out of order for stages and hold levels.

July 14, 2021

In this cycle, we've continued to build upon some of our new agent-facing tools while also making the following improvements:

  • Updated the UX of our cost and ticket tables

  • Updated some language on our OP offers/settlements

  • Enabled the editing of an already uploaded file

  • Redesigned the file upload portal

May 13, 2021

Share Avails

One of our most requested features has been the ability to quickly copy/paste avails, much in the same way you always could with the holds clipboard. Now, at the top of the calendar page, you can do just that with this icon:

Click here to read more about how to use this new feature!

Update to Outside Promoter Events

We made some changes to the language on Outside Promoter events to make it more intuitive to create rental agreements. All of the functionality remains the same and existing events were updated with the new language.

For more information on all the new Outside Promoter updates, check out this quick article.

March 31, 2021

Update to Promoter Profit on Offers

In the past, Promoter Profit has been listed on all offers, even when set at 0%. Based on your feedback, we created logic such that if Promoter Profit = 0, then it will not render of offers or settlements. Not only does this clean up the page a bit, it also makes the contents more likely to fit on one page.

March 16, 2021

Multiple Deposits

You can now add as many deposits as you please! Each with their own amounts, types, and due dates - all of which will render on the artist offers and settlements.

Click here to learn about how our Payments Tracking feature can help you manage all of your monthly deposits and payouts.

Venue Settings Redesign

After hearing people mention they had a hard time navigating our Venue Settings page, we decided to redesign and modernize the experience. It's now easier than ever to manage all of the rooms displayed in Prism and we even have a suggested venue dropdown to simply the process. Plus, you can now export your list of Prism venues, as well as add new venues from the calendar.

Here is a helpful article on everything you need to re: adding venues to Prism.

February 24, 2021

New Tax Rate Options

In some states and counties, there are requirements to calculate tax as a multiplier rather than a divisor. Prism now allows you to calculate such tax rates, which can be configured as venue default settings or at the event level.

You can read more on how Prism calculates and represents tax by clicking on this article.

January 14, 2021

One Contacts page to rule them all....

Prism has had Contacts at the event level for a long-time, but we've been told that one unified place to manage all of this information would be super helpful. With our new Contacts update, you can search, edit, and create new contact information across all your events. Plus, we even added the ability to export search results to .csv!

To access the Contacts portal, just click on this icon on the lefthand sidebar:

And to learn more about Contacts, click here to read through our help center article.

December 22, 2020

Track deposits and artist payouts with Payments

Inspired by one of our most commonly requested features, we've added Payments to Prism. Budget for upcoming payouts, communicate paid payments to your team, and never overpay again!

With this update, the Talent tab on every event page will feature a table at the bottom listing out all deposits and settlement payouts per the artist deals above. Clients on Silver, Gold, and Platinum subscriptions will also be able to aggregate and report on outgoing deposits/payments with Payments Tracking (see below). If you would like to gain access to this upgraded feature, please reach out to your Client Success Manager or send an email to

For more information on how Payments and Payments Tracking works, click here!

October 21, 2020

Reports have been completely redesigned w/ new features

While Prism has had a ton of changes over the last year, our Reports tool was the last component that was still in need of some TLC. Here are some of the things we've added to this page:

  • A fresh, modernized design inspired on the Internal Settlement format

  • Automated genre-tagging for all events with artists added, populated through our Spotify integration. You can now filter your reports based on genre!

  • Majorly upgraded filtering allows you to find exactly what you need in seconds

  • For any report you query, you now have the ability to export the results as a .csv for use in other spreadsheets or platforms

  • Expense line items are now also surfaced in the reporting section like they are in the internal settlement.

  • Drill into events by clicking "Show Events" and customize your results by selecting which columns are represented. This list can also be exported as a .csv, see screenshot below.

  • Tip: Use the new "Show Events" feature in reporting to export a list of upcoming confirmed shows for a particular time period!

View after clicking "Show Events"

Pre-Settlement Fees have moved to Revenue

Due to consistent feedback that Pre-Settlement Fees were difficult to find, we put them somewhere that's more intuitive and easy-to-find: the Revenue page. Anyone with the "View/Edit Tickets" permissions will be able to see this component.

In addition to moving this table, we've also added "Percent per ticket" and "Percentage of Gross" as fee types - so you can capture everything here in one place. Click here to learn more about Pre-Settlement Fees.

September 29, 2020

Brand new filters, sorting, and Saved Views!

Based on user feedback, we've updated our event filters across Prism, so that you have more efficient and customizable ways to view all your events. In addition to making the filters bigger and smarter, we've also added better Sort options and Saved Views, which is a feature that allows you to save sets of filters for future viewing.

For example, if you're a promoter working regionally, you can set filters for all venues in a market (e.g., Detroit) and then click on "Save as" to quickly view all of your Detroit venues at once. There's no limit to how many views you can save and Prism will "remember" the last one you were looking at the next time you log in.

Here's a link to our Help Center article with more information on Saved Views. Reach out to us on chat if you have any questions!

Customize your own default hold level

While you can always modify hold levels for any event, Prism's "default" level has always been H2. While this is applicable to most users, several have mentioned that they would like to use a different hold level as their starting point (e.g., H1).

Now, any admin can go to Settings and select your account's default hold level. Note: if you have auto-promote enabled, this will be the level that holds auto-promote to.

Other updates and fixes:

  • Added the year to confirmation emails and the "copy holds" clipboard

  • Cleaned up how events sort on the Event List

  • Fixed the "Save Version" button on OP offers/settlements

  • You now have the ability to include inactive venues into your Reports queries

August 24, 2020

We're mostly working on building our new Shared Holds feature, but we did just release two bug fixes:

  • Updated our Spotify API to ensure better reliability when adding artist names to offers

  • Updated our Ticket Sales importer, as some users were experiencing issues uploading their revenue reports to Prism

July 31, 2020

Our calendar experience on mobile has been totally rebuilt

  • Based on feedback from folks like you, we redesigned the way our calendar and hold management tools work on mobile devices.

  • It's now easier than ever to place holds, manage levels and dates, confirm shows, and make other changes on the go.

Budget Summary has been updated

  • You can now scroll up and down the Budget Summary of every show without losing your place on the rest of the page's content.

  • On mobile, we've moved the icon to the top right (as pictured below).

July 14, 2020

H1 functionality has returned to the Hold Builder

  • In an effort to simplify hold management, we removed a dropdown that provided the option to place H1s across a range of holds (if available).

  • You can now place H1s for a date range by using the checkbox under the dates section of the Hold Builder.

June 22, 2020

  • We're really excited to unveil the latest facelift to Prism which will make things more mobile-friendly, intuitive, and generally nicer to look at!

  • Please note that Settings has now moved to the bottom icon labeled with your initials & Search is now found only on the Event List.

May 27, 2020

New features & updates

  • New downloadable Advance! Now, you can preview/export a PDF version of your Advance, just like you can with offers & settlements. This document will pull in artist names, set times, ticket scaling, contacts, and any text added to the Advance's "Edit" section.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where creating an event with blank start and end times was causing an error

  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to create an event with a mismatched venue and stage

  • Fixed an issue where some users were unable to confirm holds they had created

  • Fixed an issue where OP events were not accounting for Promoter Payout in Revenue

  • Fixed an issue where OP events were not including variable costs in calculated Room Costs

May 5, 2020

New features & updates

  • The event creation experience has been simplified to streamline the process of adding holds and confirmed shows to the calendar

  • We've updated the "Manage Holds" process to make it easier to change hold levels, while also adding the ability to close the "Manage Holds" sidebar

  • Based on your feedback, we've made the date cells within the calendar more dynamic, so that you can fit more content on one page w/o scrolling.

Bug fixes

  • We did a complete audit of our Templates architecture, cleaning up how certain items are saved and represented within Templates settings

  • Fixed an issue where the Event List was sometimes scrolling horizontally on mobile

  • Fixed an issue where some non-admin users were unable to confirm holds for events they had created

  • Fixed an issue preventing our historical ticket sales importer from accepting certain types of files

  • Fixed an issue where a long list of holds would extend past the sidebar while adding holds

April 20, 2020

Updated Date & Venue Editing!

  • You can now click on the Date and Venue buttons on every event page to reschedule events or change their location.

  • This ability will be available for all events, except for those in the "Settled" status and all users, except for those without both the Clear Holds and the Manage Holds permissions activated.

  • To learn more about rescheduling events in Prism, check out this page

April 15, 2020

Event List "card" redesign!

  • Updated the event list "cards" design to create more modern and sleek feel

  • Improved the layout of information to make it easier to scan events quickly

  • Added the event date's year to the card

  • Added a new Show Health chart to give users a quick way to figure out how a show is doing

  • We conducted research and surveys of clients from across the country to understand what figures are most important to have on this view and updated accordingly. Thanks to anyone who participated!

April 2, 2020

New features and updates

  • Venues and stages are now sorted alphabetically in the calendar filter and Manage Holds dropdown (Note that you can still type the first few letters of your selection to jump to that spot on the dropdown!)

  • We used to show pop-ups every time an event's status was changed - we've removed those so you can move faster through Prism!

  • Added the ability to see a preview of the logo you’re selecting when selecting a logo in Event Settings

  • Improved some of our error messaging, so you can better understand what went wrong and how to fix it

  • Applied gray backgrounds to some pages to create better foreground / background on pages with “card” designs (i.e., made it easier to separate information on the page visually)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where ticket rebates weren’t adding into Additional Internal Revenue totals

  • Fixed an issue where guarantee fields were displaying when building door deals

  • Fixed an issue where some users were seeing a harmless, but visible, error on the login page

March 24, 2020

New features and updates

  • Introducing better Task sorting! Now you can sort global and event-level tasks by ascending or descending order. Just click on "Due Date" to sort!

  • We've gotten feedback that the Internal Settlement needs to breakout individual costs and include more show info on the .csv export. Our new layout should make it easier than ever to understand how your shows perform as well as make more user-friendly.

  • The headers within Event Pages have been completely redesigned, to bring a cleaner, more modern look.

  • Event statuses (e.g., hold, confirmed, etc) now live in a drop-down menu in the top right, so you can jump around statuses without having to go one-by-one. For example, you can take a show that has been in "Finalized Settlement" back to "Confirmation" without unconfirming the event.

  • Event Settings now permanently lives in the top-right, so you only need to go to one place to find Facility Fee, Tax, Pre-Settlement Fees, and Additional Dates.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where offers/settlements were not showing all confirmed dates in Show Details section

  • Fixed an issue where Budget Summary was not grouping costs by Category

  • Fixed an issue where talent deals in templates were not displaying the correct information

February 27, 2020

New features and updates

  • Updated the design of some popup modals to be clearer about what action the user is about to take

  • Changed the way quantities of a cost display on offers -- Now displays like this: “Speakers (4 @ $100)”

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bad data issue where some organizations were not able to access Manage Holds

  • Fixed an issue where Non-Spotify artists were displaying at the top of the dropdown instead of the bottom

  • Fixed an issue where inactive stages were showing on calendar in and calendar filter for some users

February 20, 2020

P&L Summary Redesign

  • We gave our P&L Summary sidebar a total facelift! Here's a full breakdown of the changes - please note that all figures are pulling from the same place as they were before / no formulas have changed.

  • Gross Ticket Revenue and Additional Internal Revenue are now separated, based on feedback that users would like to see ticketing revenue separate from other revenue. This also gives a clearer picture of how Adjusted Gross is calculated (Gross Ticket Revenue minus Taxes and Fees). 

  • Split Point and Promoter Profit are now only visible on the External view, since they affect the external payout. Note: Promoter Profit is nested in Expenses -- no longer broken out at the bottom. 

  • Negative numbers are now displayed with parentheses instead of minus signs, to simplify the visual design. 

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where "Event Date" wasn't being passed through Webhooks

  • Fixed an issue where External Estimated fixed expenses were displaying internal numbers, when they should have been displaying external numbers

  • Fixed an issue where some calendar events were not displaying for some users

  • Fixed an issue where stages weren’t saving for MADs

  • Fixed an issue where some venues / stages were incorrect when managing holds

February 6, 2020

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where deals weren’t saving for artists not found in Spotify

  • Fixed an issue where updating a user’s global permissions resulted in an error

January 30, 2020

New features and updates

Hold My Ticket integration

Upgrade to Webhooks

  • Webhooks can now send Announce Dates, Pre-Sale Dates, On-Sale Dates, Ticket ID, and Talent ID to other apps connected through Zapier

  • They will also now trigger an "event update" zap when Run of Show or tickets are modified.

  • Have no idea what I'm talking about? Webhooks are an awesomely useful way to connect Prism to third-party platforms, like Slack, Google Sheets, Asana, etc.

  • Here's an article where you can learn more about how to set these up. Reach out to your Client Success Manager or if you'd like some help building out your own integration!

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where default venue templates weren't saving

  • Created an error message letting you know of a duplicate email address when adding a new user

January 16, 2020

New features and updates

"Breakeven" is now an optional column on Offers

  • By default, all Prism offers have a "Breakeven" column to show how many tickets of each tier need to be sold to breakeven. This is found under the "Ticket Scaling" section.

  • If you would like to turn this off, please reach out to your Client Success Manager or to to request the update.

Ticketfly importer can now report on both event date and transaction date

  • Previously, when importing historical ticket sales from the Ticketfly Transaction Detail report, only the event dates carried over. But now, you can see the sales per day, as well as counts per day, in the Ticket Sales Reports portal.

  • Want to learn more about importing ticket history? Reach out to your Client Success Manager or to to get more info!

Bug fixes


  • The Copy Holds to Clipboard button will now successfully copy all holds regardless of whether they span across multiple months or were added at different times

  • Hold selector dropdown now shows which which level is selected for new hold

Revenue & ticketing

  • Adjusted the column sizes on Pre-settlement Ticketing Fees so that the "Ticket Type" column is always readable

  • Historical sales data imported from Ticketfly now correctly display transaction dates, as opposed to displaying 


  • Applying an event template to an event with existing tasks was overwriting those tasks. We've updated event templates to never overwrite existing tasks.

Event list

  • We made some updates to the buttons within the right-hand 3-dot menu, so that they work more consistently and intuitively

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