Administrative Controls & Set Up

As an administrator, you have permission to add users. You will also have the ability to limit users' access to only certain venues or events and control what users have access to view or edit in Prism.

In Settings, add new venues and stages, logos for offer sheets, and control notifications for your account.

We recommend starting by creating Event Templates that contain standard ticket scaling, offer details, deal terms, and costs to give you and your team a starting point for all Events.

Working in Prism

Start on the calendar and try adding a hold to the calendar. Applying a template to a hold will pre-fill deal information, ticket scaling, costs, and more. You may need to edit Event information including deal type information, ticket scaling and costs, or tax rate and facility fee on a hold before sending out an offer. Any update that you make to the information added to the Event will automatically update on your offer.

Search for a particular Event on the Event List using the filter on the right hand side of the screen.

Once you have agreed upon date(s) for an event, you can confirm a hold. If you are using a ticketing integration like Eventbrite, you can connect ticketing events to Prism to receive updated ticketing data in real time.

After the show you will be able to settle externally with one click in Prism and all show details will be aggregated in an internal settlement for reference. Report on events over a particular time period to analyze how well events are doing overall.


Every Wednesday at 3pm CT we host a live virtual course on Prism that covers all of the topics listed above. Register and get more information here.

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