Keep Track of Show Notes and Files


The Notes tab on a Prism event allows you to keep a version of a sticky note on a show. Click Add Note to add a new sticky note. 


Upload any type of file related to an event on the Files tab. Click Add File, choose a file, and select start upload to add the file to the event. Files must be less than 100MB. If you have files that exceed the 100MB file size limit, you can add a note in the Notes tab with the shared link to the file, so that it is still contained within the Prism event.

Track Marketing Costs

Prism allows you to track costs internally against your budgeted, external costs. This will enable your team to get smarter about marketing spends and directly evaluate impact on ticket sales. 

Within an event, all expenses are tracked on the "Costs" tab. Click on the Fixed Costs section to expand and view your Marketing Costs. On a Confirmed Event, you will be able to compare externally reported Offer Budget numbers and your Actual Internal spend. 

Offer Budget: Equals Qty*Cost, reported on Offer (if purple toggle is on)
Estimated Internal: your estimated cost; always kept internally within Prism
Actual Internal: actual internal cost; reported on Internal Settlement and P&L
Reported External: this value will appear on the artist settlement

You may want to track your itemized Marketing costs only internally.

In the example below, the first row called "Marketing" has the "Reported" toggle on, which means it will appear on your Offer and External Settlement. This row can be used as a reference for the Marketing team to indicate the total Marketing budget for the show. Notice that the Offer Budget ($2,000) could be different from the Estimated Internal spend ($1,750), indicating an internal budget that is higher or lower than what was proposed externally on the Prism Offer/Settlement.

As a Marketer, you may want to list out the costs that went into the Marketing budget without displaying them explicitly on external documents. To do this, use the green plus button to add a new line item and toggle off the "Reported" toggle. In the Actual Internal field, add what was spent on that line item. This approach will allow you to see the breakdown of all actual marketing costs on your internal P&L (photo below). Note that the Actual Internal number for the first "Marketing" line-item (Advertising) is zeroed out, since we're tracking all Actual Internals through the toggled off line-items below.

Internal Settlement (Actuals) view of above table

Tracking on-sale, pre-sale, announce dates and more

Prism allows you to track on-sale, pre-sale, announce dates and any other custom dates alongside your holds and confirms on the calendar so that you can quickly see what's up next.

To view Announce/On Sale Dates on the Calendar

Click the Filter button on the top right corner of the calendar to turn on the "Announce/On Sale" filter under Entity Type. These additional dates will appear on the calendar once a show is confirmed.

To update Announce/On Sale Dates

To update the announce or on sale dates go to an Event page, click the three dot menu in the top right corner and select "Event Settings."  Scroll to the bottom of the page to update the additional dates and include times.

Create a Custom Additional Date by selecting "Add Additional Date" and adding a title to the date like "Spotify Presale" or "AMEX Presale."

** Note that only users with access to the Event Settings tab will have access to update the Additional dates. Admins, event creators, and anyone with the "Confirm Event" permission will have access to the Event Settings tab.

NEW! Get a List of Upcoming Announce Dates

You can always get a list of upcoming Announce Dates from the Event List in Prism as well. Use the Sort button in the top right corner to sort by Announce Date.

If you have access to the Reports tab on the left hand sidebar of Prism, use the filter to narrow down the list of events you are looking to include in the report and click "Apply Filters." Then click the blue "Show Events" link to see a list of all of the events in the report. Use the Columns button to adjust which columns you would like to include in the report. Click on the column header to sort by Announce Date. Click the Download CSV button to export.

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