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Google Calendar Integration
Google Calendar Integration

Learn more about the GCal integration including how to set it up, share it, and make updates to it.

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Integrating Google Calendar is a great way to view all your confirmed shows and holds on you Google Calendar. Once you link Prism with GCal, Prism will push all existing Prism events to Google calendar for you to view your events alongside everything else you have on your calendar. You may also want to sync your Google calendar with Outlook or ical via Google.

A few things to know about the integration:

  • After the initial sync, Prism event dates will be pushed to Google Calendar as they are created or updated.

  • Integration is currently ONE-way. Editing in Google Calendar won't reflect back to Prism.

  • Prism will push event date, location, contacts, talent information, and run of show to the Google Calendar event. 

  • A new calendar will be created in Google for each venue/stage.

  • Prism does NOT read or interact with existing calendars.

Set up the Google Calendar integration

To integrate Prism with your Google Calendar, go to Settings > Web Integrations > Google Calendar Integration and select Connect. Note that you must have Admin Access to set up this integration. If you do not have Admin Access, your Admin can set up the integration and share the calendar with you via Google Calendar.  

Initial synchronization may take from a few minutes to 24 hours depending on the number of venue calendars. This is due to Google enforced restrictions.

Share the Google Calendar with your team via Google, instructions from Google here.

Troubleshooting the Google Calendar integration

  • If your integration stops working, try to disconnect and reauthorize the connection.

  • To use a different Google account, disconnect and reconnect using the preferred account.

  • If the events on Google Calendar do not seem to match Prism, double check that all of your venues have a time zone. Go to the Settings page and click the pencil button to open the venues and edit them and check the time zone field.

If you have any questions, contact!

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