Shared Holds is an opt-in feature that lets you synchronize Prism accounts with the people you work with most. With Shared Holds, venues can grant limited access to their calendars so that promoters can place next available holds directly from their own Prism account. Watch the video below to learn more about how it works!

If you would like to get connected to a partner using Shared Holds, please reach out to

Request a Shared Hold

Once two accounts have been set up with Shared Holds access, the Shared icon will appear on Shared venues and Shared events.

  1. To add a Shared Hold as a promoter, select a date(s) on your calendar and fill out the hold details including the Event Name, Primary Contact, etc. Note that the Event Name will also appear on the venue's calendar.

  2. Choose the Venue and Stage and leave the Shared Holds checkbox selected to place the hold on both your calendar and the venue calendar. Optionally add additional details about the Event in the "Message to Venue" section, this will be sent as part of the email notification that new holds have been placed on the calendar.

3. Click Save and the next available holds from the venue calendar will be returned! If there is already a confirmed show on a date, it will be listed as "Not available." Use the Copy Holds button to quickly copy the holds to your clipboard and paste into email.

Notes for Venues:

  • Promoters booking Shared Holds will not be able to see any other promoter's holds on your calendar. Watch the video above for a demonstration.

  • Promoters will be given next available hold levels based on what is already existing on the venue calendar. Venues have the ability to update hold levels which will sync back to the promoter calendar, read on below to learn more about updating hold levels.

  • Venues have the ability to choose the maximum hold in which they would allow a promoter to add a Shared Hold at. For example, if you want to prevent promoters have getting a hold higher than H4, upon configuration your CSM will set the maximum allowable hold level for the promoter to H4.

Manage Shared Holds

  • Promoters will have access to Release Holds if needed but do not have access to change hold levels.

  • Promoters have the ability to add additional dates to Shared Holds by selecting the hold on the calendar, clicking Manage Holds, and selecting additional dates on the calendar.

  • Venues may change hold levels or clear holds by clicking on the Hold and updating the Hold level.

  • Changes to holds will trigger an email to the venue contact, promoter contact, and the editor.

Learn more about managing holds here.

Confirm a Shared Hold

Only venues have access to confirm a Shared Hold. When a venue updates a hold to Confirmed, the change will be reflected on the partner calendar.

To Unlink an event, go to the three dot menu in the top right corner of an event and select Unlink Event. When an event is unlinked, hold levels, cleared holds, and hold statuses will no longer sync across partner calendars.

Upon Unlinking an event, you will have two options:

1) Keep holds on both calendars and unlink: This will leave all holds on both calendars but they will no longer be synchronized as partners make changes to the events.

2) Release holds from both calendars and unlink: This will remove all holds from both calendars but the event will still exist with any offer details and show information.

To Delete a Shared Hold, Unlink the event; select release holds from both calendars and unlink; and then revisit the three dot menu in the top right corner and select Delete.

Email Notifications

Email notifications will be sent any time a Shared Hold is added to the calendar or updated. The venue contact, promoter contact, and whoever added the hold if it is different from the promoter contact will receive an email notification that a Shared Hold has been added to the calendar.


Anyone with Admin permissions or permission to "Create Holds" at a Shared venue has the ability to add Shared Holds to a partner calendar.

If you have any questions or feedback on Shared Holds,

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