Want to back out a VIP lift, charity dollars, or album bundles from your gross prior to settlement? How about additional facility fees? Our Pre-Settlement Fees feature is the answer!

Any amount that is entered in this section will be removed from the selected ticket (or all tickets) and factored in to the Adjusted Gross calculation.

Types of Pre-settlement Ticketing Fees

Learn more about the calculations for pre-settlement fees below.

  • Flat per ticket - This amount will be removed from the ticket price for that tier. This type of Pre-settlement fee is typically used for VIP lifts, album bundles, or charity dollars.

  • Percentage of Gross - This fee will be based on the Total Gross on the show and is calculated as: Total Gross Ticket Revenue - (Total Gross Ticket Revenue/ (1+(Amount/100)).

  • Percent Per Ticket - This fee type allows you to get more granular and calculate based on the Total Gross for a particular ticket tier as: Total Gross Ticket Revenue by tier - (Total Gross Ticket Revenue by tier/ (1+(Amount/100)).

On an event with a Hold status, the Pre-settlement fees Estimated column will factor in Est. Sales Tickets and the Potential column is based on Sellable tickets. On a confirmed event, the Actual column will factor in Sold tickets.

Note that your offer will always show the Potential pre-settlement amounts based on Sellable tickets and your settlement will always show the Actual pre-settlement amounts based on Sold tickets.

If you have any questions please reach out to support@prism.fm!

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