With Admin access or "View Reports" permissions, you can access aggregate reports of your events in Prism. Click on the Reports icon on the left-hand sidebar to view reports.

Generate a Report

Profit & Loss

Report on any event that is either Confirmed, In Settlement, or Settled. Events that are still Holds will not appear on the P&L tab but if you have the add on Payments or Deal Tracker features, you can report on Holds. Contact clientsuccess@prism.fm to add Payments or Deal Tracker to your subscription.

  1. Filter for particular events by using the Filter button in the top right corner of the page, selecting filter parameters, and clicking Apply Filters. Read more on filtering options below.

  2. Use Saved Views to save a version of your filters to revisit the report later.

  3. Toggle between Actual and Estimated to see the difference between Internal Actuals and Internal Estimates on the events. Use this to understand how accurate you are budgeting and compare to the finals on shows.

  4. Each unique expense, ticket tier, tax, fee, revenue item, and artist payout will be broken out in the report and summarized in the Summary section.

  5. Download a report as a .csv for further analysis.

  6. Use the "Show Events" link to see all events that are included in a report. More information on the Show Events page below.

Reports Filters

Use the reports filters to narrow down which events are included in your report.

Date Range: Select a date range to pull in any Confirmed, In Settlement, or Settled Events within that range.

Type: Narrow down between Outside Promoter/Rental Events and Talent Events.

Pick a Stage or Venue: Select particular venues or stages including inactive venues.

Event Contacts: Any time you add a contact to a hold or a contact on the Contacts tab of an event, they will be available in this section to narrow down your reports. Tip: Use this filter to analyze how a particular agent's shows have performed in the past.

Artists: Select from a list of artists that have been added to the Deals tab on Events via the Spotify integration.

Event Companies: Select from all Company names associated with contacts in Prism. Use this filter to analyze how a particular agency or promoter's shows have performed in the past.

Genres: This filter pulls Spotify's genre categorization of all headliner artists in your account.

Currency: If you have events that are in a currency other than USD, we recommend filtering on only USD events. Other currencies are currently not supported in reporting and are not converted.

Show Events

To see all events that are summarized in your P&L, Payments, or Deal Tracker Report click the blue "Show Events" link.

Use the Columns button to view particular Event metrics like Attendance, Artist Payout, Total Expenses, Tickets Sold, Event Owner, Created Date, etc. Drill in to individual events by clicking the blue link to the event. Learn more about using Column Sets here.

To exclude particular events' numbers from reports, click the Check Box next to the date on the Event List. This might be especially relevant on the P&L report when certain events should be excluded from the summary report.

Export Events

Use the Download CSV but on the Show Events list to export the visible columns or all metrics into Excel. The export function can be especially useful for running reports on number of events created by buyer, forecasting show revenue, and tracking down Mutually Agreeable Deals.

For accounts with a lot of events, the report may take a couple minutes to load. To speed up report time, narrow down the report with filters by venues, date ranges, or Event Owners!

If you have any questions, contact support@prism.fm!

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