Stay on top of your outgoing payments with the Payments feature. Budget for upcoming payments, communicate paid payments to your team, and never overpay again!

Payments on Events

Any time you create an artist deal on the Talent tab, it's payouts, deposits, and withholdings (if applicable) will appear on the Payments table below. To add an artist deal or deposit, either click the 'Add Artist' button to create a new deal, or edit an existing deal using the three dot menu next to the offer button. You can add deposit details in the deposit section for Flat, Plus, or Versus deals.

Select the "Percent" Deposit Type to automatically calculate a deposit based on the Guarantee or select the "Flat" Deposit Type to define a specific deposit amount.

Next, choose a "Relative" or "Specific" due date for the deposit. Note that "Relative" dates will be calculated and update accordingly if the Event Date is moved; however, Prism will not automatically update the due date if a "Specific" date has been selected. Your due date will appear at the top of the offer PDF.

(Select "Add Deposit" to add more than one deposit to an offer.)

The Payments on the Talent tab will be updated as deal information is updated. Once an event is Confirmed, relative due dates will automatically be assigned based on the Event Date.

Note that Settlement payment amounts may update based on actuals depending on the type of deal. For example, if a deal includes a bonus, as Sold Tickets are updated, the Settlement payment amount may increase.

Payments Tracking

Access to Payments Tracking is included for Silver, Gold, and Platinum customers and must be enabled by the Client Success team. To request access to the Payments Tracking, email

Payments Tracking on Events

Has your team ever overpaid an artist because they didn't know the deposit was already paid? Use Payments Tracking on your events to make sure you never mishandle a payment again.

Payments Tracking allows you to track pending and paid payments on every event. Use the Status button to change a Payment Status from Upcoming or Overdue to Paid. Update the 'Paid Date' column as needed once deposits have been paid, and add any relevant notes to track any additional details about the payment like who received the payment, the payment or check ID, etc.

When an event is in the 'Hold' status, the Payment status will appear as "Untracked" and once an event is Confirmed, the status will change to "Upcoming" or "Overdue" based on the Due Date of the payment. To track a payment for an event that is still a Hold, just update the status accordingly.

Payments Tracking in Reports

Need to budget for all of your upcoming payments in the next month or see what was paid on last week's events? You can report on all payments on the Reports page in Prism.

On the Reporting page, visit the Payments tab and use the filter on the right hand side of the page to narrow down your search results by date, event status, venue, payment types, artist, and more. The resulting list of payments will show relevant information like Venue, Event Date(s), Paid Date, and Payment status, along with links to the individual events.

All payments will be listed in the report and summarized in the totals at the top of the report. Note that these totals will exclude any "Untracked" payments or payments that are $0 or less. Use these totals to budget for upcoming payments or analyze what has already been paid. Sort by due date to see what's up next or download the report as a CSV using the Download CSV button for further analysis!

Note: When using the payments report to budget, if deals include a bonus based on show performance/ticket sales, Settlement Payments may increase as actuals are entered into Prism.

To see additional details on the events in the Payment report like the number of Sold Tickets, Total Expenses, Total Gross and more, click the blue "Show Events" link at the top of the report. Here you can also download a CSV of high level event numbers to make sure events are on track.

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