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How to change your or a user password, request a password reset link for a forgotten password, and update your email address.
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Troubleshooting Login Issues

When an administrator adds a new user to a Prism account, the user will receive an email from info@prism.fm with the subject "Welcome to Prism.FM" prompting them to create a password and log in. If the user does not receive the email, the first step would be to check their junk/spam inbox. If the email is not found, proceed to the steps described in the next section "How to Change your Prism Password".

How to Change Your Prism Password

The below method can be used if you've forgotten a password or if you'd like to reset your password. You can also use this method to resend the Prism invite to a new user.

  1. Click Forgot/Reset Password

  2. Enter in your email address and click "Send Password Reset Link." This will send an email to your inbox with a link to reset your password.

How to Update Your Prism Username/Email

Your prism username is always an email address. You must have admin permissions to update your own email address. If you are not an admin, contact an admin on your account and have them follow the below steps to update your email address.

  1. Navigate to Settings by clicking the icon with your initials in the bottom left corner of Prism.

  2. Select the "Permissions" tab

  3. Select "Team" from the dropdown

  4. Click the pencil button to edit the user

  5. Update the email address and click Save. If you updated your own email address, you will automatically be logged out of your account and will need to log back in with the new email at app.prism.fm

If you have any questions, contact support@prism.fm!

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