Introducing the Prism Contact Book! You can manage all of your contacts and their roles in one place on the Contacts page. Search, update, add, and download all contacts or roles in .csv documents from the Contact Book. Now you can also manage your roles (previously 'position' on your contact records) in a new, dedicated Roles tab. Duplicate 'positions' have been consolidated into one Role to keep your Contacts clean and consistent across your Prism events.

Check out the "Report on Contacts" section of this article to learn more about how to report on all events with a particular contact. Use this feature to see how well shows did with a particular agent or promoter.

Creating New Contacts

All contacts that are created when adding a new hold, on an event, or in a template will be added to the Contact Book automatically.

Managing Roles

Any Positions that were previously added to your contact records will now appear in your Roles tab, where you can create, edit, or remove roles as needed from your contact book in one place. To create a new role, click the 'Create Contact Role' button, add an optional description, and you're ready to start assigning roles to your contacts.

The new Roles tab sets the stage for future email and reporting automation in Prism. The 'Show in Docs' toggle will show or hide the specific role from your Prism documents. Categorize, manage, and show/hide your contacts role(s) based on whether they need to be surfaced on Offers and Settlements, or strictly used for future automated processes.

Editing Contacts and Assigning Roles

When a contact is edited on an event, a template, or in the Contact Book, the contact's information will be updated across the app. For example, in the first screenshot on the page, if you edited any information Amy Strack's contact record from the Contact Book, her information would be updated on any event that she is listed on. To edit a contact click on the pencil button to open the contact editor.

When adding or editing a contact, you can now search and select multiple roles to be assigned to the contact from the Roles dropdown list.

You can create a new role when editing a Contact from anywhere in the app by typing the new name into the 'Roles' field, and clicking the 'Add new role' button. This role will be saved to your Global Contact book for future use, and can now be managed from your Roles tab.

To Delete a Contact from your account entirely, go to the Contact Book and click the Delete button next to the contact record.

Contacts on Events and Offers

Contacts can be added to events to help you keep track of agents, tour managers, internal team members, venue contacts, or anyone else related to an event.

When creating a new event, you have the option to add a new or existing contact to the event. The contact will be automatically added to the "Contacts" tab on the event, along with your contact info since you created the event.

Click on the pencil button to edit any contact details in the Contacts tab on an event. Note that any updates you make here will update the contact across Prism, including the Contact Book, templates, and on other events.

The "Docs" toggle will determine if the contact will appear on the offer, advance, and settlement PDF documents. To hide an entire contact from the PDFs, turn the Docs toggle off.

Use the "Event Notes" column to keep internal only notes specific to a contact for a particular show.

Delete a contact from an event using the "Remove" x.

Add a new contact to an event using the purple "Add Contact to Event" button. Start typing the name of an existing contact or create a new contact. When creating a new contact, start typing the name and press enter or click the "Create new contact" dropdown, this will open a contact editor where you can add details like email address, role, and phone number.

Control Permissions to the Contact Book

There are two permissions for managing contacts, one that allows for access to contacts on events and one that allows access to the Contact Book. Visit the User Roles page in Settings to manage these permissions for particular Roles and users in your account.

View/Edit Contacts

"View Contacts" will allow users to view the Contact tab on events and "Edit Contacts" allows the user to remove, add, and update contact information on events. Note that if a contact record is updated in an event it will be updated across the app in other events, templates, and in the contact book.

View/Edit Contact Book

"View Contact Book" gives a user access to the global contact book. "Edit Contact Book" allows users to edit contacts from the Contact Book page. Note that if a contact record is updated in the Contact Book it will be updated across the app in events and templates.

Report on Contacts

On the Reports page, use the filter in the top right corner to filter for only events with particular contacts associated with them using the "Event Contacts" filter. Visualize how well shows with a particular agent or promoter did overall and dig in to detail on particular shows by clicking the blue "Show Events" link to access specific events.

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