How to: Create a New Venue

Everything you need to know about setting up a new venue in Prism Organization Settings.

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Administrators have access to create new venues for their organization.

Create a New Venue in Settings

  1. Visit Organization Settings page by clicking the icon with your initials in the bottom left corner of Prism and clicking Settings.

  2. Click the purple "Add Venue" button.

  3. Begin typing the venue name to automatically pull in the address from Google or choose the "Skip Venue suggestions" options and complete detail fields for the Venue and click Save

Active: Leave the Active toggle toggled on to create an Active venue. Inactive venues will not appear as options on the calendar.

Name: Start typing the name of the venue, add the city name if the expected address does not appear as a suggestion.

Location Details (Address, City, State, Zip, Country): This will auto-fill from the Name field above unless the "Skip Venue Suggestion" option was selected when typing the Name.

Time Zone: This will auto-fill based on the Name/Location or can be updated manually.

Venue Logo: Logos populate from the logos uploaded to the account on the Organization Settings page below the Venue section.

Tax Rate & Tax Type: Enter the Sales Tax Rate for the venue here. Whenever an Event is created with this venue, this Tax Rate will automatically be applied to offers. To learn more about Tax Rate & Tax Type, visit this article.

Currency: Enter the currency for the venue for offers and settlements.

Convert to USD: If a foreign currency is selected, toggle this field on to convert the artist payout to USD by default on offers and settlements for this venue.

Facility Fee: Enter a Facility Fee amount for the venue here. Whenever an Event is created with this venue, this Facility Fee will automatically be applied to offers. The Facility Fee can be edited on an Event if needed.

Default Hold Level: By default, venues will inherit the default hold level from the Org-level settings; this can be set to a different Hold Level for a specific venue and override the Org-level setting, if appropriate.

Auto Promote Hold Levels: Similar to the above setting, venues will inherit the Auto-Promote setting from the Org-level; this behavior can be changed on a specific venue and override the Org-level setting, if appropriate.

Default Event Template: (Optional) Select an Event Template to automatically apply to Events at this venue. The template can be changed on Events if needed.

Contacts: (Optional) Select one or more contacts associated with the venue. They will appear in the "Contacts" column in the venues table. They will also appear in a "Venue Contacts" section of the contact picker on the to/cc/bcc fields when sending documents out of Prism.

Stages: Every venue must have at least one stage. Add a Name and Capacity. Adjust the color of the stage by clicking on the color swatch and selecting a color. Add additional stages by clicking "Add Stage."

Edit Venue Details

Select the pencil button next to the venue to edit venue details. Note that any changes made to the Logo, Tax Rate, Currency, and Facility Fee will only apply to new events.

If you see a warning that a venue address needs to be updated, that means that you have not entered a valid address for the venue and we recommend adding additional address details.

NEW! Create a Venue from a Hold

Admins have permission to quickly create a new venue from a hold. To create a new venue, scroll to the bottom of your venue list and select "Create Venue." Fill out the Venue and Stage details in the pop up and click Save.

Inactive Venues and Stages

Venues and Stages can be marked as inactive if they are no longer needed on the account. When a venue or stage is marked as inactive, they will no longer appear on the calendar and no new events will be able to be created on that venue or stage. Any past events at that venue can be reported on in the Reporting section of Prism.

There is not an option to permanently delete a venue or stage from Prism in order to preserve historical data.

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