You have the ability to create custom fields to track data on each of your events. Custom fields can hold data in a few different formats: toggles, numbers, text or dates. Anything you create a custom column for can easily be reported on in the "Show Events" report in Prism.

This feature is available to Gold and Platinum subscription clients. Contact if you would like to gain access to an upgraded subscription.

How to Create a Custom Field

Admins will have access to create custom fields.

  1. Go to the Settings page by clicking your initials in the bottom left corner of Prism and then Settings.

  2. Click "Create Custom Field" below Venues and enter the details.

    1. Name: This is how the field will be labeled on the event and in Reporting.

    2. Description: Include any useful details for your team about the field, this description will appear under the field on the event and in the column picker when creating a report.

    3. Type: Select which type of data this field should store. The Type cannot be edited once the field is created.

      1. Text: Short text

      2. Text Area: Long text

      3. Number: Store a number

      4. Currency Amount: Number with a dollar amount

      5. Toggle: True or false field

      6. Date: Store a date

    4. Default Value: Some field types allow the option to set a default value meaning any new event will take on this default value.

    5. Apply Default value to all Existing events: If this is toggled on when the field is created all existing events will also incur the default value set in the "Default Value" field.

  3. Click "Save."

View and Update Custom Fields on an Event

Admins, event creators, and anyone with the "Confirm Event" permission will have access to the event settings and to edit a value in a custom field.

  1. All custom fields will appear in the Event Settings tab. To access the Event Settings, go to an event and click the three dot menu in the top right corner of the event and then click "Event Settings".

  2. Update the field in the Custom Fields section pictured below.

Deleting a Custom Field

Custom fields can be deleted from the Organization Settings. Deleting a custom field deletes the field and all of the data in the field from every event. The field will no longer be available on the Event Settings of an event or as a column in Reports. There is no way to recover a deleted custom field.

Report on Custom Fields

If you are new to reporting, check out this article first on how to access reports in Prism.

Custom fields will be accessible as a column when you click the "Show Events" link at the top of the Profit & Loss report. Select the Columns button on the Event List to pull in specific columns to the report including custom columns.

Download the report using the Download CSV button.

If you have any questions please send us a chat or email!

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