Over the past few years we’ve absorbed some really helpful feedback from our clients, and we want to take a moment to share our appreciation. You are a huge part of our growth and overall development, and play a key role in shaping the changes we make to Prism.

Based on your feedback, we're implementing changes to our offers, settlements, and contracts that will better align with industry standards. To that end, you can expect to see some document updates, terminology changes, and improvements to functionality with our next product release. Below you’ll find a summary of some key changes to the documents, adjustments, and terminology throughout Prism.

Key changes:

  • The Headliner Offer section will stand out more and provide clearer information (e.g. deposits will display on their own lines)

  • In the Event Summary section we will:

    • Break out Fees and Taxes to show a clearer flow from Gross Potential to Net Gross Potential

      • Some of the terminology for these calculated fields will be updated (e.g. Adjusted Gross will be the result of Gross minus all Fees, and Net Gross will be the result of Adjusted Gross minus Tax)

    • Display “Net Revenue to Split” on split point deals

    • Optionally display “Net Revenue (Promoter)” where applicable

  • We will align the terminology throughout the app to match the changes on the documents

  • We will reorder certain sections of the offer document (e.g. “Additional Deal Terms”, contacts, and holds will move to the bottom of the offer by default)

  • We will reorder fields within certain sections on documents (e.g. “Event Date” will move to the bottom of the Event Details section”)

  • We will break out fees in the ticket scaling table on documents

  • We will allow more options for sections to show or hide on the offer that can be applied to your organization (e.g. option to hide “kills”)

  • We will allow the option to include an adjustment in the Split Point and the option to make the adjustment external-only, which will be helpful for things like buyouts.

These changes will be announced upon release via email and within Prism.

Stay tuned!

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