Prism's Deal Tracker will help you and your team stay on top of outstanding offers and contracts and give a high level view by artist and location of Deals, Artist Guarantees, Deal Notes, and Statuses. Use statuses like "Offer received", "Offer confirmed", "Contract sent" and "Contract signed" to keep track of Contracts.

Managing Deal Statuses

When a client Deal is added to the Deals tab of an event, it will appear in the Deal Tracker on the event and in Reports.

Manage Deal Status in an Event

Manage the deal(s) for an event from the Deals tab by Selecting the "Deal Tracker" tab below the Age Limit section.

Manage Deal Status in Reports

Manage ALL of your deals from the Reports icon on the left hand side bar and select "Deals" to access the Deal Tracker.

Open the Filter on the top right corner to filter for certain events, date ranges, venues, agents, artists, or Deal Statuses. Pull Mutually Agreeable (MAD) events into the Deal Tracker by selecting the Include MAD checkbox (1).

Pro tip: Use the Filters on the report to filter for Deals in the "Offer Confirmed" status and work through that list to create Contracts.

Utilize "Saved Views" (2) to save the report filters for quick access later. Save reports for certain artists or time frames to revisit the report.

Update the Deal Status

New Deals will start with the Deal Status of "None." Update the Deal Status using the dropdown in the Deal Status column (3) for tracking. When a status is changed, the "Deal Last Updated" column will be updated with a new timestamp.* Preview the Contract, Offer, or Settlement with the purple link (4) or click the three dot menu to access other documents. Add internal Deal Notes by clicking the "Edit Deal Notes" (5) text next to the deal. Use this to keep internal notes to yourself or your team about the deal or changes that need to be made. To read long notes in the table, hover over the ... to see the full text (see screenshot below).

*Deal Last Updated time is based on your browser's timezone settings.

In Reports, use the Columns button (6) to pull in relevant information to the Deal or event like Venue, Location, Artist deal, and Artist Guarantee. Scroll across the table to view additional columns.

To view a Contract or adjust a Deal from Reports, click on the blue Event Name to open the Event in a new tab.

Download the Tracked Deals as a CSV (7) for a report on all of the deals in the timeframe.

Show Events

Use the Show Events list (8) at the top of the Reports Deal Tracker to see a list of all Events that are pulling into the report based on the filters. Use the Columns button to adjust which event details and numbers appear in the report. Use the Download CSV button to download a list of all Events and all data columns.

Downloading a list of Events from the Show Events list will give a report of all events in Prism within the timeframe. Note that this export differs from the Deal Tracker in that each line in the spreadsheet will be for one Event whereas the deal tracker export will one row for each Deal (headliner and support).

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