Streamline the confirmation handoff process with confirmation emails directly from Prism. When a show confirms, automatically send a confirmation email to a group of users with basic information about the event and a link to the show.

When a user clicks the link in the confirmation email, they will be brought directly to Prism and only see what they have access to on the event.

Enable Confirmation Emails for an Account

Go to Settings in the bottom right corner of Prism where your initials are and then click the "Notifications" tab. Select the "On" radio button to enable Event Confirmation Notification Emails for the entire organization.

If this setting is off, you will not have the option to send a confirmation email on any event in the account.

Enable Confirmation Emails for Users

Once Notifications are activated for the account, go to the Permissions tab and then Team. Turn on the “Send Confirmation Email” checkbox for any user that should receive a confirmation email.

Note that at confirmation, you will always have the option to remove users from the email confirmation recipient list if needed.

Confirmation Emails by Venue

Some users may only need confirmation emails for certain venues. This is possible to manage with venue level "Roles." If a user has only venue level access like pictured below, they will only appear as options to receive confirmation emails for events that are at venues they have access to.

Update Confirmation email list for an Event

After moving the event into the 'Confirmed' status, the user is given the option to send a confirmation email to users with notifications enabled. Unchecking the confirmation email box will allow the user to confirm the show without sending an email notification.

To edit the users that will receive the confirmation email, click into the 'users' link and adjust recipients by using the 'x' displayed by the name. Users can add additional contacts by using the dropdown and selecting other users in the account contact list.

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