You can now customize the view on your calendar to choose which day of the week the calendar starts on, a color and format theme, and choose to include venue names or city/state on the calendar!

Click on the “View Settings” button on the top right corner of the Calendar.

Clicking “View Settings” brings up the View Settings dialog:

You'll see a preview at the top of the dialog of what event elements will look like based on your selections below.

Week Start On

You now have the ability to format the calendar to start on either Sunday or Monday, depending on your preference.


All Prism accounts default to “Prism Classic” theme. This means minimal changes to your calendar view:

  • A consistent, scannable left-hand column (in each day) with icons for each element

  • Smaller padding across the calendar, so more events can be displayed at once

You can also select from the following options:

  • Colorful: Slightly updates the way that Holds are displayed; and uses less bold colors

  • Toned Down: Removes background (outline only) for Confirmed events; only a left-hand visual cue for Holds

  • Minimal: No color-coding at all (no borders, no background colors – but the scannable icons remain)

Customize Primary and Secondary Text

Primary Text:

Choose Event Name, Venue & Stage Name, Venue City & State, or Headliner Names to customize the bold text shown on the calendar.

Secondary Text:

Choose the Event Name, Venue & Stage Name, or Venue City & State to display under the bold text.

Headliner Badges:

Toggle On "Include Headliner Badges" to include Artist Profile on Calendar events:


You can watch a demo and provide suggestions or feedback here.

If you have any questions please email us at

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