The Integration Fields feature bridges the gap between content and the commerce experience on your website. You'll be able to introduce your products catalogs/collections directly from Shopify or any other external data source to Prismic API to create enriched product pages.

Manage marketing/landing pages with products

Once product catalogs are synchronized - it will appear as a new field in the Custom Type builder. These fields can be added on the homepage as a slice or in the static zone where editors can easily pick and choose products they want to display.

Let's have a look at a few use-cases to leverage product data on your website.

Enriched components with selected products for your pages (homepage, landing pages, product pages etc.)

Our e-commerce clients use Integration fields to create enriched components on their homepage to show selected collection of products.

This is an example of a personalized Slice with integration fields that allows e-commerce website to feature selected products. You may want to add this kind of Slice on your homepage and edit it easily as new products are highlighted across the year.

You can also add this same slice to display related products on your product pages. Another example would be an editorial piece of content that mentions products, allowing you to merge the editorial experience with the e-commerce experience.

Enriched products pages with content from Prismic

Integration fields can help you populate product data with content coming from Prismic. The most common use-case is to add content that's related to the product. This can include shipping information, marketing sections, product details, FAQs, etc. This allows you to combine content coming from your e-commerce solution with the rich content in Prismic.

Enriched images with hotspot to show product details displayed on an image

You can also use Integration Fields to enhance your e-commerce experience by highlighting products features on an image as shown below.

Are you planning to integrate Prismic with your e-commerce project? Send us a message with your repository name via the chat to get the feature activated. Don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions related to your specific use-case.

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