Whether a corporate website or an e-commerce platform, keeping your homepage up-to-date will encourage visitors to browse further. Combining inspirational content with cutting edge design for their web pages is what all companies want but do not necessarily achieve. Prismic bridges the gap between marketing and tech teams to get you there!

Stack Slices to build your homepage

First things first. Developers will pre-configure the homepage Custom Type with our drag & drop builder based on your homepage design. Your homepage is most likely composed of different Slices: a hero section, CTAs to ease access to linked pages, images slider, list of products/services, team members, references, social embeds, etc.

Those blocks may change in terms of content (titles, images, & videos), and you may also want to re-order the elments. Your marketing team might also like more freedom to add new blocks throughout the year. These are a lot of maybes that Prismic solves with enough personalization for you to build any kind of page with the fields and Slices of your choice.

With Prismic, you can pre-build a set of Slices so that content teams can pick and choose which reusable components they want to add to spruce up the homepage.

A few examples of Homepages built with Prismic - each section of the page corresponds to a Slice:

Show me your homepage!

If you need help putting your homepage together or would like a review of your homepage Custom Type, you can also reach out for a customized session and send us your example wireframe/link via the chat.

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