Many businesses need to prepare to launch new campaigns and tailor their website and content to maximize performance over a busy period. These updates can range from tiny edits to sweeping changes and include everything from hero banners and blog posts to new landing pages and website sections.

Plan your Holiday season and special events with Prismic

Crafting the content and new designs are one thing, ensuring that it goes live at just the right time can be a challenge in and of itself. New campaigns might start at midnight or even roll out at different moments for different time zones. With a lot of CMSs, this can mean that someone from your marketing or content team is required to physically push the 'button' to make that content go live, but at Prismic, we've simplified this process with our Releases feature.

Scheduling bulk publish with Releases

Releases will make things easier for your marketing teams and, most importantly, reduce the risk that content goes live at the wrong time. There's nothing better than planning a great campaign, but if it launches a few hours late it can have a huge impact on its performance.

Releases allow content editors to schedule exactly when they want an update to go live. What's more, they can even group these updates so that multiple pieces of content go live at exactly the same time. So, with Releases, you can make sure that your new campaign will automatically go live right when you want it to, or even ensure that those widespread changes to your website all occur simultaneously.

When coupled with our Previews feature, this radically improves the content editor experience by not only allowing them to see exactly what your new landing pages, campaigns, or CTAs will look like but by also enabling them to schedule exactly when every piece of content will go live.

Handle your approval workflow with Releases

You can even improve your workflow even further by using our User roles feature so that your 'Writer' can set your releases to be reviewed by a 'Publisher' before any updates are scheduled. This approach produces the perfect combination of a system that allows your writers to create as much content as they need to, whilst also providing the necessary checks and balances to prevent content from going live when it shouldn't.

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