Landing pages make up the backbone of many marketing campaigns. They're the perfect way to create to introduce visitors to your product or service and to act as the first step along your user or buyer journey.

You almost certainly already have a landing page or two on your website, even if it is nothing more than your homepage, but creating more detailed and targeted landing pages can prove to be an incredibly effective way of improving your campaigns and conversions.

For that reason, you need a CMS that allows you to easily create brand consistent pages and, with Prismic Slices, your marketing and content teams will be able to build new pages without having to rely on your developer or design teams.

Slices are effectively reusable building blocks that can be put together in different combinations to build a page in sections and avoids the need to rely on more technical teams or basic templates.

Slice library and reusable components

A landing page will contain a series of various front-end components that you can use for many purposes: a text section, an opt-in banner, a carousel of images, etc.
By adding dynamic Slices to your landing page Custom Type in Prismic, you will give your marketing team the possibility to easily insert the components of their choice into their content.

You'll want to stay brand consistent on those pages and Slices will allow you to create reusable Slices that you can use throughout your website and pages.

Marketing team members and content writers will simply pick and choose the Slices to insert into the page, populate it with content, preview the final result, and publish.

Bulk publish sets of documents in Releases

Updating or creating a new campaign often involves several landing pages and you'll want to make sure that you'll be able to update all of these pages at the same time.

Why not create a folder of multiple documents that you can publish at once?
Creating Releases in Prismic allows you to schedule multiple documents for a bulk release to ensure that wholesale changes go live at exactly the same time.

Don't worry about manually searching for the drafts that you are looking to publish one by one. You can simply publish a Release and all of the documents that it contains in just a couple of clicks.

When clicking on the "Publish" button of any of your drafts, you will be given the choice to add it to an existing Release or to create a new one.

Schedule publication ahead of time

Most of the time, your landing page content is ready to be published before you gather all the other assets of your marketing campaign. If your publication tool does not allow you to schedule publication ahead of time, you will have to manually do it at the very end of your publication workflow - often in a hurry.

Hurry leads to stress and stress leads to mistakes. Nobody wants to see their marketing campaign fail because they forgot to publish all of their landing pages or update key details on existing parts of their website.

Luckily, Prismic allows you to schedule the publication of any of your drafts in advance so that you will have nothing to worry about.

When clicking on the "Publish" button of any of your drafts you will be given the option to schedule its publication.

Optimize SEO

Everyone wants better SEO. Use the tabs on each of your pages to handle SEO metadata. You can also create a separate custom type specifically for this purpose where you'll add an SEO fallback tab in case your content editors don't fill in the SEO tabs on each piece of content.

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