Newsroom sections can be the perfect solution for companies looking to share their latest updates, discuss industry trends, or communicate about ongoing projects and initiatives. Adding a newsroom section can help you to improve your content marketing and SEO, but an effective strategy can be quite time-consuming.

Choosing Prismic will make it significantly faster and simpler when it comes to publishing and editing content on your website. Your content writers will be able to create and edit their articles directly in our Writing Room and, thanks to our Slices feature, independently create new pages that include rich text, images, videos, CTAs, and whatever they need.

A safe publication workflow with user roles and releases

Prismic makes the publishing process incredibly simple by allowing your content writers to set articles for review and to schedule exactly when a particular piece of content will go live - including the option to incorporate it in a set of mass updates.

These two features will simplify your workflow and allow your content teams to be certain that new articles and updates will go live at just the right time.

Internationalization for your business news

If you're managing a multi-language website then you will be able to define different locales for each language or region that you are targeting and copy over any existing content so that it can then be translated or adjusted for the target audience.

Newsroom sections are just one of the many ways that Prismic can help you to simplify the process of creating and managing content on your website.

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