We know that there are plenty of platforms out there that will allow you to host and share your video or audio content. But, if you want to have full control over what content you want to share, how to enrich those content for the audience of preference, then you need to host your content on your own website.

Enrich pages with Slices for video and editorial sections

Serving video and audio content requires a dynamic website that combines a diverse range of components and page types. Our Slices feature will simplify the process of managing and adding video content to your website. Slices are reusable components that can be used as building blocks for new pages.

Slices are effectively a way of segmenting your website into individual sections and this approach is perfect for pages that will have both video sections and rich editorial content. Each section will have its dedicated Slices configured with the fields of your choice for example embed field to embed your videos easily.

Your developers and designers will be able to create brand consistent Slices that can be used by your writers and marketers to build new content and pages without having to rely heavily on tech teams.

Schedule videos and content to go live automatically

We know that it is important that your video content goes live at the right time, so our Scheduling and Releases features allow you to define exactly when a new piece of content will appear on your website and group new articles or pages together so that they go live at the same time.

We've made managing the content on your website as easy as possible so that you can focus your time and energy on creating and promoting new videos.

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