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Setup manual kill switch for OpenVPN GUI on Windows
Setup manual kill switch for OpenVPN GUI on Windows
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PrivateVPN offers easy to use application for Windows OS. Our VPN client includes solid kill switch and other leaks protection, it is highly recommended that you use it.

Albeit, if you wish to use opensource OpenVPN GUI client to connect to our service. You should read further on how to setup a basic kill switch to prevent unencrypted Internet access causing leaks upon an abrupt disconnection.

It is really important for example when your PC is downloading/uploading Torrents while you are away from keyboard.

Step 1 - Connect to PrivateVPN OpenVPN server of your choice.

Follow the remaining steps only when have successfully connected.

Step 2 - Open Command Prompt as Administrator.

Search for Command Prompt at the Start Menu and right-click it to open as Administrator, grant Administrative rights when prompted to continue.

Step 3 - Delete the default Internet route

Use route command to delete the default Internet route in order to prevent Internet access at all when VPN disconnects.

route delete

enter image description here

Command Prompt would return OK! as confirmation. You have successfully setup a basic VPN kill switch for Windows OS. In order to restore your default routes again follow the below step.

Restore default Internet route

In order to restore default Internet route, all you need to do is Disable and Enable your main network adapter.

enter image description here

Navigate to Network Connections in Control Panel. Select and right click on your main network adapter and click Disable. Enable it again similarly.

enter image description here

That is all. You have restored your default Internet routes.

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