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How to setup qBittorrent with PrivateVPN app
How to setup qBittorrent with PrivateVPN app

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Step 1

Open PrivateVPN app then click on Advanced View.

Step 2

You may click change to select a different VPN location.

*for this guide we will use a Sweden-based server.

Click Connect Now button to start connection process.

Step 3

Once connected to the VPN, take note of the random port.

Additional Note: The port may change when reconnecting to the VPN.

Step 4

Proceed to qBittorrent client and then click Tools menu > Options…

Step 5

Click Connection at the left tab and then enter the port provided by PrivateVPN app.

Step 6

Proceed to Advanced tab and then set Network interface to use TAP adapter for PrivateVPN.

for Mac OSX, select tun or utun interface.

Choose All IPv4 addresses for Optional IP address to bind to.

Then tick Reannounce to all trackers when IP or port changed.

Click OK button to save settings.

Step 7

Right-click qBittorrent icon at the system tray and then select Exit.

Step 8

Restart qBittorrent client and then proceed to download.

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