When you request a new conversation export, we fetch data from your Intercom account and generate a CSV file which contains the following columns:

  • message_id - unique Intercom message ID
  • message_body - full contents of the message (in plain text)
  • message_type - type of the message (comment, conversation_message...)
  • message_created_at - message creation timestamp
  • message_author_type - type of the message author (lead, bot, admin...)
  • message_author_id - internal Intercom user ID
  • message_author_user_id - unique Intercom user ID
  • message_author_name - name of the Intercom user
  • message_author_email - e-mail address of the Intercom user
  • message_author_companies - a comma-separated list of company names that the user belongs to
  • conversation_tags - a comma-separated list of conversation tags
  • conversation_id - unique Intercom conversation ID
  • conversation_state - current state of the conversation (open, closed, etc.)
  • conversation_created_at - conversation creation timestamp
  • conversation_first_response_at - timestamp of the first admin comment in response to the conversation
  • conversation_closed_at - timestamp of the last conversation close event
  • app_id - your Intercom project ID 
  • app_name - your Intercom project name


Dates and times are formatted as "2017-11-14 21:45:08" and are in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).

Row options

When creating your export, now you can choose whether to export conversation entries only or also include full conversation transcripts.

  • Conversation entries - conversation list only, one row per conversation. This option will include entries that have a "message_type" of "conversation_message".
  • Message entries - full conversation message transcripts, one row per message. This option will include entries that have a "message_type" of "comment", "open", "close", "note", "snoozed", "unsnoozed", "timer_unsnooze", "assignment", "assign_and_reopen" and "participant_added".


Conversation export limits are based on your subscription. We offer plans that allow exporting all of your Intercom conversation data, no matter how many conversations it has.

Custom exports

We are always expanding the list of available metadata to meet your needs. Please get in touch if you need any particular metadata, different formatting.

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