This month we were busy working on new features and improvements which will make it even easier for you to stay on top of your Intercom conversation topic trends 🎁.

Segmentation by User Attributes 🍰

Different groups of users affect your business in different ways, that's why it's sometimes helpful to understand how each user group is affected by a particular tag.

Now you can segment your tag reports by most Intercom user attributes, including custom attributes. Learn more about segmentation here.

Tag Archiving 📦

If you are serious about tagging, you will end up with many unused tags that will clutter up your reports.

Now you can keep your reports clean and focused by hiding unused tags. To hide a tag, head to Tags and tap on a crossed eye button.

Reporting period settings 📈

You can now choose a default reporting period that is used in all your reports in Settings > Reporting. Currently there are two options:

  • Weekly (last 12 weeks) for high conversation volumes
  • Monthly (last 6 months) for low conversation volumes

To ensure statistical significance of your charts, we recommend choosing the weekly option if you have a high volume of conversations (>200/week) and the monthly option if you have a low volume of conversations (less than 200/week).

We hope you enjoy these improvements and make sure you tell us what you think via Messenger 😉.

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