Product Customizer can allow you to create saved templates of options. Saved templates are groups of options that can quickly be deployed to your products.

For example, if all shirts will require a dropdown of colors and a text input, you can create a template to group these options together. When you add options to products, you can choose to add a template. This will add all options that are part of the template in one click.

You can create a template in two ways, and any template can be applied to products easily.

Create Templates

To create or edit a template, go to the "Templates" tab in Product Customizer.

You can click on a template name to edit it, or click "Add Template" to add a new template. While creating or editing a template, search for the option names that should be part of this group / template, and add them to the template / re-order them as needed. Once you've added all options that should be part of this template, click "Save Template".

Quick Create from Product

You may find that, after customizing a specific product and applying some options, it would make a good template. Rather than going to the templates screen and creating a template from scratch, you can "quick create" a template from a product by clicking "Save as Template".

Once you've clicked this, a new template will be created with all of the options that are currently applied to the product, and it will use the product name as the template name. You will be brought to the "Edit Template" screen for this new template so you can adjust it or rename it as needed, then save it.

Using Templates

These templates can then be applied to a product quickly. When customizing a product, you can search for a template name:

Adding this template to the product will add all options in the template with one click so that you can then easily manage the product:

You can also bulk-add templates to several products at once. When bulk-adding options, you can search for a template name, and add this. Selecting a template will add all of the options in the template to your selected products.

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