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Bulk Adding Options to Products
Bulk Adding Options to Products
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To speed up your set up, you can bulk-add options to your products. This will let you add saved templates or options to multiple products at once. You can add 1 or more options at a time to the selected products.

To get started, select the products that you want to deploy options or templates to. If you are viewing more than 10 products at a time, your results may be paginated. You can still extend the bulk selector to other pages to get all products by clicking "Select all ## matching products":

Once you've selected all products that you want to add options to, you can choose the "Add options" bulk action.

You can then search for options or saved templates to add to your products by the name you've entered for the option or template. You can add one or more options at this step.

Once you've selected all options you want to apply to these products, you can click "Add Options"

This will add the selected options to all of the products you've selected with the bulk selector.

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