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I see a "Liquid Error: Could not find..." What's this?
I see a "Liquid Error: Could not find..." What's this?
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In some circumstances you may run into this error on product pages:

Liquid error: Could not find asset snippets/product-customizer.liquid

This typically means that you've recently switched themes, and our app has not yet had a chance to do its automated install of its snippet files into your new theme (these are the files that get added when you put {% include 'product-customizer' %} into your product template, etc).

The app usually runs this install script every hour or so to make sure it's ready to be used in new themes, but sometimes you can end up switching themes, installing the snippets into your template files, but the files themselves have not been added yet.

If you see this error, you can wait for a bit until the new files are automatically added, or we can force this process manually for you if you're in a rush! Please get in touch with our support team, and we can manually install these files.

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