Note: this page applies to shops using the Premium Tier and price-changing options. If you're using the Basic tier of product customizer, or product options that don't include an additional cost, discounts work as normal.

% Discount for a customized product

The only type of discount that requires some additional consideration before use on products with paid customizations is the percentage discount for a specific product. For the purposes of this tutorial, we'll assume that we have a $79 product named "Bridal Bouquet" that has an optional $20 upcharge to use two dozen roses, and we want to create a 20% off discount called "Save Now!" that can be applied only to the Bridal Bouquet product.

If you want the 20% discount to apply only to the "base" $79 product price, regardless of whether our paid "two dozen roses" option is added, you would create the discount code as normal:

With that configuration, applying our "Save Now!" code will result in 20% of $79 being discounted, or $15.80:

% Discount for a customized product + addons

Next, instead of the percent discount applying just to the Bridal Bouquet cost of $79, lets say that we want the "Save Now!" code to save 20% from the combined Bridal Bouquet + $20 upcharge (if any). The best way to achieve this is to create a collection that includes both the Bridal Bouquet and the special Product Customizer product named "Item Customizations", and change the "Save Now!" code to apply to that collection, rather than the Bridal Bouquet product specifically:

1. Create the collection that includes the "Bridal Bouquet" and "Item Customizations" products and name it "Customized Bouquet". Be sure to uncheck the "Online store" from Visibility so that the collection doesn't appear in the storefront. And change the Conditions

to match "any condition" so that the collection will include both the Bridal Bouquet and Item Customizations products as shown:

2.Create the "Save Now!" discount, configuring it to apply to the "Customized Bouquet" collection we setup in step 1:

3Now the "Save Now!" discount will apply to the entire cost of the $79 Bridal Bouquet + $20 upcharge:

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