When it comes to prioritization and planning, you'll want to display some context on your boards to help you make decisions.

In productboard, that's done in the form of data columns.

Show/hide columns

Use the column configurations bar at right to show/hide columns on your board.

Once you've toggled on a column group, like Segments, you can also determine which individual columns are showing:

  1. Select the name of the column group to open its details.
  2. Toggle on the columns within that group you'd like to show:

Add new columns within a column group

To add a new column, select + ADD NEW <COLUMN>  toward the bottom of a column group's details pane.

Rearrange columns

Drag 'n drop column groups, or individual columns to rearrange them.

Filter columns

Most columns can be filtered by hovering over the column header.

Different column types support different filter settings. For example, you can use column filtering on the User impact score column, People columns, and Company columns to filter for only those features requested during a certain time period:

Sort columns

Many column types also support sorting:

 1. First arrange your features as a sorted list.

2. Then use the dropdown beneath a column header to apply a sort.

Save views of your data

It can take a few minutes to add the right columns to your board, rearrange them, apply the right filters, and sort them the way you'd like. What if you want to quickly toggle between different board configurations?

With saved views you can do just that. Saving a view captures all of the above configurations so you can return to them at any time.

Data column reference

There are many different types of columns you can add to your Features board. You may find some are more relevant to your team than others, and some you may not use at all. 

Here's a full list of all the supported column types and what kinds of data they display:

Columns for feature prioritization

Columns for providing helpful context:

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