Pinboards are a professional and time efficient way to visually communicate your concepts.

Simple yet powerful, you can create a beautiful of pinboard of images to showcasing your design in minutes, not hours.

Here's the basic guide to creating your first pinboard:

  1. Click on the project you wish to build a pinboard in

  2. Click the + button in the bottom right of your file list screen

  3. Select Add New Pinboard

  4. Add a section by clicking + Create New Section

  5. Add images by clicking the +Add button in the top right of your screen

  6. Select your image upload method

  7. Drag and drop to move the image within a section

  8. To move an image into another section, click the 3 dots in the top right corner of the image and click on the section name you'd like to move the image into

  9. Share your Pinboard by clicking the link icon in the top toolbar to create your custom link

Click here to read the full written guides.

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