Save all your favourite and frequently used products to your Programa Product Library. Once saved, you can automatically add these products, including all product information, to your schedule with just a few clicks.

Adding products to your library starts in your schedule. Essentially, you are saving products added to your schedule to your Product Library.

How to save scheduled products to your library:

  1. In your schedule, find a product that you would like to save to your Product Library

  2. Click the 3 dots at the end of the product row to open the product options (the dots are located to the right of supplier details)

  3. Select Save to Product Library from the dropdown options

Products saved to your library are copied from your schedule, however they are not linked. If you make updates to your product in your schedule, the edits will not sync to your library. This is to prevent potential errors when applying changes to products across different projects. Remember to update your Product Library listing if the updates are general.

Click here to read the full Product Library written guides and watch the video tutorials.

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