A Programa board is the heart of your project, has two key components, and comes with unlimited possibility. The Programa boards are designed on the Kanban framework, where tasks move from left to right across columns as they progress to completion.


Tasks are your deliverables. You can add these to your board by setting up task cards. Simply click +add new card, enter your task name and hit enter. To add more information, click on the task card and select edit. The editing window contains fields for you to add more information, assign team members, add labels, upload attachments and leave comments for your team.

You can move task cards into new columns by clicking and holding the task card, then dragging it into your desired location.


Your board comes with the default headings To Do, Doing and Done. You can continue to use these default headings, or you can rename them to anything you wish. To rename a heading, click the dropdown arrow next to the column title and select rename. Add in your new column title and press enter.

You can add new columns by clicking the +add new column button, enter a column title and press enter. You can also move entire columns by clicking and holding the column title, then dragging it into your desired location.

Time Tracking

Track time directly from your task cards by clicking the card and selecting Start Timer from the options provided. You can stop the timer using this same method, or by pressing the stop button on your active timer in the left-hand toolbar.

To learn more about Time Tracking, click here.

To Do List

To-do lists are an easy way to stay on top of your small daily tasks. These tasks may or may not be project specific; think of them as the list of small to-do items you might write on a notepad or keep a mental note of throughout the day.

Setting up your To Do List

Click on the To Do List tab in the left-hand toolbar. Start by creating a section in your list, this could be Admin, Person, Accounts etc. Then add a task by clicking Add a Task. Enter more details into the field provided, then add an optional due date or team member to the task.

When you task is complete, simply click the checkbox next to your task title.

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