It's important to add all of your studio contact details in settings.

How to add your studio contact details

  1. Log into Programa

  2. In the top left of your screen click the drop-down arrow next to your studio’s name and select settings.

  3. On the settings page select the Organisation tab.

  4. Complete the form fields including your organisation name, industry, location and contact details. Please note these details will not be displayed publicly but will be included in communications when requesting quotes for products to save you time.

How to upload a logo:

  1. Click Upload Photo

  2. select your logo file and hit Open.

  3. Once your file has been uploaded you can resize the image to suit the frame.

You have the option to upload both square and horizontal logos.

To add your schedule terms & conditions:

  1. Navigate to the bottom of the organisation page

  2. Add your disclaimer into the field provided.

  3. Click save

Terms and conditions to appear on your shared and exported schedules.

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