In Programa you track time directly from your project task cards.

Using the Timer

To start your timer, simply click on your task card and select start timer from the options provided.

You’ll know your timer is active when the task card has a red glow and the timer is visible in the left hand toolbar.

To stop your timer, either click the stopwatch icon in the left toolbar or navigate to the project task card, click the card and select stop timer from the options provided.

View & Export your Time Entries

To view all your time entries, click the time tracking tab located in the left-hand toolbar. The time tracking page will list all time tracked during a particular period. You can choose to view entries from the last week, the last 30 days or a custom date period.

You can filter your time tracking view by project, or if you are an admin you can select to view specific team member time entries.

If you would like to export your time entries to a spreadsheet, simply click the export button in the top toolbar and your excel file will automatically begin to download.

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