Programa takes the stress out of remembering all the details with one simple-to-use tool. To-do lists are an easy way to stay on top of your small daily tasks. These tasks may or may not be project specific; think of them as the list of small to-do items you might write on a notepad or keep a mental note of throughout the day. For example 'Send invoice to Client X' or 'Schedule review meeting with X' or 'Order new business cards'.

Creating a to-do list

  1. In your dashboard simply navigate to the To-do List tab in your left-hand toolbar.

  2. Create sections in your to-do list by clicking Add a Section. Type the section name and press enter. Sections are a great way to organise your daily tasks into manageable categories. An example of how to structure your sections could be Admin / Project / Personal or Priority / Ongoing. You can add unlimited sections and easily rename or delete a section just by clicking on it.

  3. Create a task by clicking Add a Task. Type in your task details and press enter.

  4. To edit your task, simply click on the task name and edit the details.

  5. To delete a task, click Delete.

  6. When ready, mark your task as complete by clicking the grey checkbox next to the task name.

Add notes to your task

To add more information to your task, simply click on the task, type in your notes and press enter. Tasks that contain notes will have a small paragraph icon to the right of the task name.

Assign a task to a team member

You can assign tasks to team members by opening the task, clicking Assign to Someone and selecting the team member you wish to complete the task from the dropdown list. Team members can only see tasks they have been assigned to, and you can easily reassign a task by repeating the above process and selecting a new team member. (Please note you are only able to assign tasks to registered Programa users.)

Add a due date

Add a task due date by opening the task, clicking Add due date and selecting your deadline from the calendar provided. To change the due date, simply repeat the process and select a new deadline. To remove a due date, click on the deadline and select Clear at the bottom of the calendar.

Reorder tasks in the list

You can reorder tasks within the to-do list by simply hovering your mouse to the left of the checkbox until four dots appear, click the dots then drag and drop the task into its new position.

Deleting completed tasks

To clear the completed tasks from your list, navigate to the bottom of your list and click Delete all completed tasks.

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