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Suggested Image Sizing

Adding Images

Resizing Images

Moving Images

Archiving & Unarchiving Images

Suggested Image sizing

We recommend using decent web resolution images in your pinboard. Images below 300 pixels wide may appear pixelated when uploaded to the board.

Your image layout will appear staggered unless all images are all the same size width and height. If you would like to have a uniform grid layout, then we suggest resizing your images to the same dimensions before uploading to your pinboard.

Adding Images

You can add images to your pinboard in 3 easy ways.

  1. Directly within your section

  2. Using the Add New button in the top right of your screen

  3. Using the Programa Webclipper

Adding directly from a section

  1. Hover over a section heading to reveal the section options

  2. Click the + button and select the images you would like to add from your files

  3. Click Open to add the images into your working section.

Clicking +Add in the top toolbar

Click the black +Add button in the top right of your pinboard and select from the options provided. Using this method will add images into the top section on your pinboard.

Add from my files:

  1. Click the black + Add button

  2. Select Add from my files and a file browser window will open

  3. Choose the images you wish to add to your pinboard, you can select multiple at one time

  4. Click Open to place the images on your pinboard

Add from Pinterest:

  1. Click the black + Add button

  2. Select Add from Pinterest

  3. Navigate to the image in Pinterest

  4. Copy the website address from the URL toolbar (not the image shared link)

  5. Switch back to your Programa tab

  6. Paste the link into the field provided

  7. Press Enter

  8. Select the image

  9. Click Add

Please note you can only add images from public Pinterest boards; secret boards and pins will not be recognised by the system.

Add from your image library:

  1. Click the black + Add button

  2. Select Import from image library

  3. Choose the image or images that you would like to upload from the slide out window

  4. Click Add

Adding via Webclipper

To add an image to your pinboard using the webclipper, navigate to the webpage for the image you'd like to add, then follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Programa extension icon on the top right of your toolbar

  2. Select Add to pinboard. The web clipper window will appear on the left-hand side of your screen. To move it to the right side of your screen, click the > icon at the top of the clipper window.

  3. Add an image to your clipper by clicking on the photo, then dragging and dropping the image over the box that says + Drop an image here. Alternatively, you can click the + button, then click on the image you wish to save.

  4. Add any notes in the clipper field provided

  5. Click the black Add to button at the bottom of the clipper window

  6. Select the project your pinboard is stored in

  7. Select the pinboard name this image will be added to

When successfully added to your pinboard, you'll see a box in the top right of your screen with a green tick.

Resizing images

You can now resize images by column width, for example you can nominate an image to spread across 1, 2, 3 or 4 columns.

To resize your image:

  1. Hover your mouse over the image to reveal options

  2. The resize icon looks like 4 small columns

  3. Slide your mouse across the icon to choose how many columns wide you'd like to make the image.

  4. You can resize the image up and down and the surrounding images will reshuffle to accommodate

Moving images

Within a section you can easily drag and drop images into new positions. Simply click the image then drag it into the new position. A dashed outline will appear to guide you around the board. Our system will reshuffle the surrounding images into the best position based on their size.

To move an image into another section:

  1. Hover your mouse over the image to reveal options

  2. Click the 3 dots and select the new destination section from the list provided

  3. Your image will appear at the bottom of this new section

Archiving & unarchiving images

To archive an image:

  1. Hover your mouse over the image and click on the middle icon. OR

  2. Click on the image you wish to archive to open the feedback window

  3. Click ‘Archive Image’ in the bottom left-hand corner to remove it from your pinboard

To unarchive an image:

  • Scroll to the top of your page and click ‘Show archived items’ in the top toolbar

  • Click on the image you wish to restore to open the feedback window.

  • Click ‘Unarchive’ in the bottom left-hand corner

  • Your image will be added to the top section in your pinboard

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